Thoughts on the SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 Fury

Any thoughts on the SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 Fury cards? Looking at replacing a 7950 and R9 280x. I’m limited on space, so I’m going for the most Sols/s for each rig. On sale for a while now on Newegg. Has anyone used them on the latest Claymore and if so, what kind of Sols and power draw are you getting?

I have three of these GPUs and they’re doing 350 sols at 1080-1090 clock, slightly undervolted -48mv. With higher clock or lower voltage they become unstable. I mean, you can go higher clock but no undervolt. I’m not sure about wattage because I have mixed rigs but I figured out it was pulling around 270w with higher clock and before undervolt. So you can estimate around 250w.

XFX fury clock 1050 every thing else stock 350 s/s not the nitro version but give you some reference, have 2 of these XFX fury’s and picked them up for same price as my RX 480 nitro’s, XFX Furys stock clock is 1000MH/z and will happily under clock a lot but with 50MH/z Overclock run happy with stock voltage, should see 400s/s with miner updates