AMD R9 Fury settings & tweaks

I’m looking for info on optimal settings for R9 Fury cards. I just snagged a few and from what I gather I want to flash them with ‘ECO Bios’ to drop power for zcash mining.

I plan on running Claymore 11.x and would like info on finding the sweet spot that gives me the highest hash for the lowest power.

Hoping the community can help with Bios download, flashing, settings etc.

I’m running my sapphire fury nitros at stock (1050/500) and -78 UV. Pulling around 200w each, risers apart.

As I commented in bitcointalk claymore’s zcash miner thread, I have had power issues with furys and this miner. Complete frozen system after variable time, from minutes to hours after starting mining. The problem was that the PSU can’t provide enough power through a single pcie connector. So I recommend to use 2 separate cables for each fury. I did this and the freeze-ups stopped.

that’s much better than the approx 275 watts at stock voltage. Can you point me to an easy way to undervolt on windows so I can then run them on linux after updating the bios?

I’m just using msi afterburner on windows. I wanted to UV my 290x and furys but it seems editing bios is a lot trickier than for tahiti cards and I just moved my rigs to windows because don’t have much time to learn editing hawaii or fiji bios.

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Thank you for the replies. I know there is a ‘ECO Bios’ that you can flash that drops the power consumption to around 175w so if anyone has access to the Bios that would be greatly appreciated. I’d rather use an alternative Bios over software to keep the power consumption down.

Try this for starters… theres roms for fury too aswell as nanos

Hi. I’m still trying to low the power usage for Fury Tri and Fury X GPU. They are increasing my electricity bill!
Did somebody find a custom bios for Fury and Fury X which keeps 28-30 MHs performance with lower Power usage?
Thanks in advance