Riser usb cable burnt!


I am building a 8 x 1080ti rig for Zcash mining and i was just trying to plug a second gpu in my asus Z370-A with risers but ass soon as i put the power on the blue usb cable just melted!

I knew aboout molex or sata cable burning but not usb cables???

Any idea what could have cause this.

It was powered by a sata cable via a sata to 6 pin adapter that came with the riser but those one didn’t metl.

Now I am thinking powering all my risers with 6 pin from VGA cables (I have 2 x 1600 evga psu to power my rig).

Anyone knows how come a usb cable on a riser can burn?

i just ghope my mobo and gpu are ok I didn’t dare powering the rig again before I redo all power connection more safely.

could be as simple as a crumby insulation job on the hot wire. Any damage to the motherboard/elsewhere besides the USB connection junction?

Ok. thanks for your reply belarion84!

Weird. It’s the first time I used this riser, it was just out of the bag so could be a manufacturing defect yes.

I don’t seee any damage on the motherboard. I didn’t plug it back yet I want to replug everything to plug all the riser from the pcie 6 pin power cables directly.

My gpu is safe i just tested it in my workstation! pfiou!!!

if you used that Sata to 6 pin adapter there is part of your issue


I would like to know If with this USB extension this cards runs wells too
as a real graphic card for work for games or other stuff…


For work and gaming you better use the full 16x pcie. And don’t use more than 4 card or you will experience low framerate and unstability issues.

Yes I used it. After some reading I discovered that they must be avoided but I would have think the adapter would burn not the usb cable?

Now I powered all my risers directly by a vga/pcie 6 pin power cable directly in the riser.

Fortunately my motherobard still works too! I didn’t test the same cpie port yet though. (edit: it works!!)

Hi ok.

I feel this was the answer

I’m looking for pcie open expansion with PCIe connectors but all are too expansive…