Looking for 12 molex powered X1 to x16 USB PCIE raiser

Hei there!

I bought 15 raisers on ebay a while ago. After struggeling setting up my rigs I can say that most of them do not work. (China crap)

This is what they look like. The print on the PCB says those are Ver.3.

So now I want to buy some working raisers which are known to be good quality and functional.
I am living in Norway, shopping on Amazon is not possible in most cases as they do not always ship to Norway.

Is someone of you guys selling PCIE raisers? I need them asap. :fork_and_knife:
Can pay via cryptocurrency or transfer / creditcard.

mine work fine

all risers are made in china, some might be crap while others may not be.

you want me to get you 12?

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Sure why not.
If you are sure they are fine, offcause. :wink:

Do the raisers show any version on them?
Maybe you have some pics.

yeah I use them on all mine and never really had any problem with them, i mean the molex sata connectors are always crap, but you will probably end up with extras of those anyways since you will use some direct molex from your PSU

they are the ones I use, they are Ver. 6 boards (most people recommend over v.4… ive heard recommended v.4, 5, but i bet they just have not used V.6 yet :slight_smile: V.6 must be better than 4 or 5 anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

they come with 50cm USB cable, but you can also get 30cm and maybe longer on custom order

there is also a version with a voltage regulator, they cost slightly more but I dont think its necessary

you can send me ETH for them, if you are sure you want them i will check the prices for you and shipping.

2 ways for shipping, slow airmail or fast EMS express mail service. … I guess if you are in a rush to get them then EMS is the best way.

Probably better get an extra 1 or 2 just incase also, since you need to pay shipping anyways,

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Sounds pretty cool.

Can you check prices for 15pcs + EMS shipping?
30cm cables is enough for my open air rig. :slight_smile:

I’ll top up my ETH account as soon as you get some priceoverview. :tada:

okay, ill reply back soon

Togoo on Amazon have ver 005 in packs of 10

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Yeah I found those this morning aswell. But.

This item does not ship to Norway. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.


I ordered on Amazon.co.uk


Estimated delivery 30 Nov. - 9 Dec.

Maybe I could order them with christmas packaging. :joy:
Thanks for the link anyways. :slight_smile:

The actually do deliver to norway. I’ll have to look in to that, I also need other stuff that I could order there; maybe.

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so shipping is the expensive part
3.55 eth EMS shipping 7-10 days to Norway (risers weigh 1.5 KG and need a box, so shipping category is 1.5-2KG pricing
risers are 6.47 eth for 15 of those risers.

so total would be about 10 ETH

maybe cheaper on amazon.co.uk… depends what you want
v5 or v6 :slight_smile:

trollonex likes to buy up the old stuff

you can let me know if you want them, i know shipping costs a lot, airmail might be cheaper but would take a lot lot longer.

7-10 days with express? Jesus.

10 ETH would be ok.
Got 13pcs version 3 for a total of 170$. 90$ shipping. :tired_face:


I’ll fix some more ETH on my account allready. Up to 10 days delivery sucks. And mail in norway is a lot like :camel: It just takes them ages to deliver something. :joy:

Okay, but if EMS does not offer a quicker delivery like red matter transduction teleporting, I guess I’ll take it.
I message you as soon as I got the ETH and decided what to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks so far for the help!

yeah I know its china shipping, its crap… but i could find out about DHL? but probably costs more,. and Maybe will cut off a day, and not sure about duty with DHL… my dad has problems with duty when i send DHL… EMS always gets past customs/duty/tax… atleast 99.9% of the time

and if you can believe it, that EMS price is already 50% off the stated prices on ems.com.cn… crazy

Yeah that could be an idea. DHL is quite qick up here in the far north.
Check that if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


do you need anything else? like power buttons? front USB panels? screws?

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I bought some START ENGINE buttons in a car shop, so that is fixed. :joy:

No, no thanks I think there’s nothing more I need right now. :slight_smile:

how many you have? I may need some too lol

I can get as many as you want

OK, so i really recommend EMS as DHL will more than likely get held up in customs… there is little chance that will happen with EMS… DHL would cost about 2.8 ETH, bit cheaper, but as I mention, greater customs risk. I can mark packages as a gift with low value though.

power buttons, usb panel with power and reset switches, power meters, usb fans…

USB panel with reset/power switches available in USB2.0, USB 3.0 or both 2.0 and 3.0 (one of each)

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How much for 10 shipped to Canada

to the great white north

2.12 ETH for EMS shipping

4.32 ETH for 10 V6 risers

6.44 ETH total

I have to order them in and then ship them out, probably take me 2 days to get them out, but today was 11/11 - kind of like blackfriday here so shipping to me could take an extra day, shipping for hte next day or 2 will be slower here than normal… slowest time of the year other than new years rush

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