Toomim Bros GPU mining software and cloud mining

I peaked at 189 on Fury X no overclock. Averaging around 180H/s. There's absolutely no excuse now for the toomim's not increasing their customers hash rate.

Their "state of the art" operation has been reduced to a couple sweaty bros constantly playing catch-up in a dingy warehouse.

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Btw set -i 2 Im getting only 15% CPU usage so should be good on old CPUs aswell

Our customers made their purchases for hashrate, not for GPUs. We told our customers in advance that we would not be increasing the hashrate if our technology improved or if the market conditions changed.

You aren't even a customer. Why are you complaining?

Yes but you are using Claymore V5 software to mine correct?

Yeah but you don’t feel bad that you “might” be a little unfair???

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  1. You are being unfair. Those GPUs don't cost $20 unless you're shopping in the "For parts or not working" part of ebay.

  2. You are being unfair. You are comparing the price for a GPU now with software that is available now versus the price that our customers were willing to speculate with over a month ago.

  3. You are being unfair. Our customers chose what price they wanted to pay for our service, not us.

That said, I do feel bad that our customers chose a price that turned out to be way too high. Because of that, I have been overdelivering by 2x to 6x on their orders in order to soften the blow to them. But I have to draw the line somewhere, and I am drawing the line at 6x for the time being.

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I paid $25 US each one year ago. With boxes and everything. I highly doubt prices went up. These are 5 year old GPUs and mid-range at that.

eBay is overpriced check Kijiji and Craigslist and many gamers are getting rid of them at those prices.

You said you only increased hashrate 6x for the auction winners, what about everyone else?

Couldn't find any on Craigslist. From Kjiji:

ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB = $70 CAD. Used this for gaming, works fine and in good condition. Comes with anti-static bag and molex to 6pin adapter.

Just because you got a deal at well below market prices doesn't mean it's a fair basis for comparison. Especially not if you report 25% lower than your below-market deal, and don't include the motherboard, CPU, RAM, electricity, labor, etc.

But again, this is completely irrelevant, since there was no public software to use these cards at the time that the contract between us and our customers was formed, and the contract was for a fixed hashrate for a fixed duration regardless of market changes. Our customers were speculating. They took the risk. That was the essence of the deal.

I would sell mine in a heartbeat for $70, nobody pays those prices. Maybe for a 270X or 370.

Plenty of people pay those prices or more. (Edit: That is a list of sales, not a list of offers.) Go sell them, and get off my lawn.

Note 1: The 7850, 7870, 270, 270x, and 370 are all based on the Pitcairn core, and are all basically the same GPU ± 20%.

Note 2: $70 CAD is about $51 USD.

I've listed mine on Craigslist for $30 a few months ago after the RX series was released. Absolutely no takers. They were useless for ETH mining so I tried getting rid of them, ABSOLUTELY NO BUYERS.

Nobody pays $70 for a 7850.

I tried selling my R7 370 for around $70-80, and again ABSOLUTELY NO BUYERS.

People can list a 7850 for $20,000. Doesn't mean anybody will pay that much.

I just find it odd that every time that claymore pushes a new release your profit increases. 20-30% GPU improvement means 20-30% more profit for you, while your customers profit decreases. Claymore is doing 95% of the work anyways, all you do is babysit his program and point hashes at the right pools (something anybody can do).

Even offering your customers only 50% of Claymore's speed improvement would help. If he offers a stable version that increases speed by 30%, increase your customers hash rate by 15%. That would be the right thing to do. As of right now, you stand to profit the more that your customers lose. 1 month from now all chances of ROI are gone unless there is a massive pump.

When you talk about fairness you're failing to mention that every time a new miner is released you get more hashing power to mine and sell zcash for yourselves. If these improvements continue, pretty soon you'll be dedicating less than 10% of the GPU's resources (that your customers paid for) to your actual customers. That's some painful irony.

You act like there is nothing you can do, and that your customers are just unlucky, bad timing or something... but that's simply not true, you're just a greedy family. You keep saying that your customers paid X amount for X amount of hashes, but that's not true either. You were literally telling people that your software was leagues beyond what anybody else had to offer. You sold customers the vision that you would have the best and most competitive software available on the market. In fact, you spent a couple weeks assuring people that you were producing more Sols/s on your r9 290 than any other developer or cloud mining company in the world.


We made a deal with our customers. The deal we made was a fixed hashrate for a fixed amount of money. Neither of us knew who would benefit most from that deal beforehand. The deal is sealed.

There absolutely are things I could do. I could give our customers things they didn't pay for. I could give them hashes that they didn't pay for. I could give them my company's bitcoin holdings. I could take my personal Ether holdings and distribute it amongst our customers. But I'm not going to do those things, because that wasn't the deal.

I could also distribute those hashes to starving children in Africa. I could use the money to buy mosquito nets to fight malaria. Or I could use the money to develop biofeedback devices based on near-infrared spectroscopy to help people avoid migraines, improve their concentration and focus, improve social function in autistics and achieve better emotional self-regulation. Chances are pretty good that I will do one of those three things with the money; I'll leave it up to you to guess which one.

If you think that softening the loss for my customers on a bad investment is a better use of my company's money than what I am currently planning on doing with it, I would be willing to listen your argument for that. However, what to do with it is my decision, not yours, and I do not currently agree with your priorities or your sense of entitlement.

Thats one of the most wonderful investments i have ever seen

if i were you i wouldn't dare to come and check this thread after this clean ripoff

We didn't rip anyone off. We held an auction. People placed bids. We accepted their money and are overdelivering on the contracts. In retrospect, the winning bids were way too high. Did our customers rip themselves off? Or are you saying we are guilty because we accepted their money?

Our customers probably determined their bids in part by looking at the prices offered by our competitors at the time, Zeropond and Genesis Mining. ZP and GM both set their prices arbitrarily, with no customer input, so if anyone is guilty of ripping off their customers, it's them.

We have the intent of continuing to do business in this field. In the future, I hope our customers will choose more reasonable prices, since the network hashrate and exchange rate are now known quantities, and their futures are more easily estimated.

Well there is a 99.99% chance that if your other "endeavors" are anything like your cloud mining, it will be an epic flop. You failed miserably at a launch that took virtually no skills. You really expect people to believe that now your going to save the world with your biotech company? How confident were you of your cloud mining software, and do you remember how that turned out? Is your mining software still worth $750,000+ on the low end?

How will you save the world by stealing all your customers money? You're comical at this point. Nobody should invest a dime in anything you do. Grandiose ideas with mediocre implementation and execution.

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your going to buy them marijuana? LOL

Our mining software worked as well as we said it would.

The cloud hashrate allocation software took 2.5 weeks to write instead of 2. We will compensate our customers liberally for that shortfall.

Is your mining software still worth $750,000+ on the low end?

I had no idea how fast other people's software was going to be. I only knew how fast other people's software was, and how fast our software was. I also had no idea what the ZEC exchange rate was going to be. Back in late September/early October, the forecast ZEC price was between $14 (according to the Founder's Reward effective price) and $40 (according to the Bitmex futures). The best competing closed-source equihash solver had about 1/3 of our performance. That value estimate was based on the best data available at the time. The data have changed, so the current value is different from what I forecast. As the ZEC futures price rose, the incentive to write mining software also rose. Instead of us having the fastest software for another two months (including one month after launch), we only had the fastest software for one month (plus or minus a few days at launch).

We received three firm offers for our mining software from large (10,000+ GPU) private farms in the $100,000-$250,000 range. We turned them down and decided to take our chances with our own mining operation and with cloud mining.

If you think the math I used at the time based on the information that was available at the time was incorrect, that is a reasonable argument. If you are complaining because you think the math I used at the time was incorrect based on the information that is available now, then I think you're lame.

Actually, heavy marijuana use appears to permanently and adversely affect concentration and focus.

No, the idea is to build a generation of cyborg monks, who use technology to achieve superior control over mind and body. It's sort of a fusion of Zen Buddhism and mecha manga. But with Science(TM).