Zeropond Cloud Mining

Announcing Zcash Cloud Mining from Zeropond!

We are building out a datacenter with mining software preloaded onto every machine.


Sounds great!! Any pricing hints ?

We haven’t settled on a pricing structure yet, but we will definitely make it cheaper than EC2, plus it’s fully-managed. Would love to hear any suggestions for contract structure, especially because of Slow Start.

Just my opinion… Assuming someone wants to join from the beginning, the fee for that time during the first 20000 blocks should be half as the reward they stand to get in that time is half what it will be when the block reward plateaus at ten zec.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll probably sell multi-month contracts with an embedded discount due to Slow Start.

"Proven Record
We’ve worked with a number of members of the cryptocurrency community. From large off-market orders to mining agreements we’ve held true every commitment made."

Who can vouch for you? At the linkedin profiles you gave, none of those persons said they work at zeropond, how do we even know if your identities are those you claim to be?

This citation: _"I definitely consider Tim and his team a trust worthy party… they _
_always delivered everything agreed. Payments were made very prompt… I _
_consider cooperation with Tim as one of most productive deals I’ve made _
with people from cryptocurrency community.“” @yvg1900, author of Yam Miner

I searched that and the only match it has is from your own website. No matches from any crypto related forum. Can only that person vouch for you? What about others who vouched for you, in public?

Most cloud mining are scams. Beware everyone.


@Zer0 Sure, we’ll update our linkedins to have zeropond.

Yvg1900 is a well respected miner author. You can find him here:
and here:

The quote isn’t found anywhere else because he wrote it for us to share with you.

Feel free to reach out to him to confirm.

Finally, if you’re in SF, we’d be happy to meet you in person.

I updated my LinkedIn as well to include Zeropond. I guess now that we’re out of stealth mode…

We did a number of private deals in the Monero community, but obviously it’s a privacy-oriented coin and most of our counterparties wish to remain private. But we’ll try to dig up another reference.

Also, we’d welcome any other ideas you have for how we can prove our trustworthiness. We’ll be posting the company registration as soon as it’s complete.

Can you take us all for video selfies in a server room?

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Is it possible to pay in XMR?
Can we withdraw Zecs at any given moment? How much control does the user have over his own funds?

@vlad Haha that’s an awesome idea. We’re doing buildout now (and hence why we are selling a piece of the action), but we’d be happy to soon. :slight_smile:

@Prometheus We were thinking of plugging in a shapeshift payment widget so you could pay in many different altcoins. As for payouts, yes, users will be able to withdraw at any time or alternatively supply a payout address and we automatically send every time mining reaches threshold.

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Obvious question. Do you have access to a GPU miner? What does your hardware config look like? Would be nice if us smaller home miners could get an insight into how the config you have chosen look.

Yes, we have a GPU miner which will allow us to offer customers a great value. We are releasing more details including a price structure tonight or tomorrow.

Would of course be fantastic if you would share your results of GPU/CPU etc. with the community. And even more fantastic if you shared the miner. I’m sure you will max-out your capacity either way just from people that don’t care to run their own equipment.

Until then if you would like to ‘ballpark’ the GPU over CPU advantage I think we would all be super interested.

I also hope you have a sane model for pricing your contracts and not using some insane valuation hypothesis for Zcash :slight_smile:


Can you offer a proof of your mining capacity?

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I’d also like to hear the GPU vs CPU claims. If it’s more than 4.5 times the speed of a CPU then I call bullshit.


Well, I wouldn’t say bullshit since the memory bus between GPU/DRAM is scary fast compared to CPU/RAM. But I do want to see some benchmarks.

I have been talking to Tim about his cloud and AFAIK they haven’t decided on the hardware yet. They have a few test rigs arriving next week, so we will have to see how they perform.

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Please publish those GPU benchmarks. Thank you Tim.

Are you going to assist your users in combining efforts to initiate the time warp attack that Zcash seems forced to allow? I’m not being sarcastic. I mean, if we’re going to see 10 of these attacks per day taking 50% of the coins, we might as well know who’s doing it. It’s actually everyone’s moral duty to try to exploit this bitcoin bug so that for every independent operator exploiting it, it actually reduces how much they can exploit and reduces the harm done to independent miners. The way it was done in alpha was this: timestamp a block you’ve solved 1 hour ahead. Now mine like crazy (2x or 3x network hashrate) for 17 blocks and timestamp them 30 minute to 1 hr behind your time-ahead block. Watch the difficulty FALL. Then mine about 17 more block until the difficulty is back to where it was when you started. You get 34 coins in maybe 30 minutes, over twice normal rate and at 1/3 to 1/5 the difficulty you should be paying.

GPUs may only need to load 10 threads in 8 GB of onboard RAM and run the same sorting routine as CPUs on 10 different GPU cores and be 20x faster than a 4-core CPU operating at 1/8 the RAM bandwidth. I only do not know how GPU cores are. Is the 1.3 GHz GPU core a 384 bit bus internally? 20x at the same price point on day 1 will not surprise me.

The Equihash paper was only talking about a single set of keys. Its 4x limit discussion is not relevant to Zcash’s “small” 750 MB sets of keys when you have 8 GB of on board GPU RAM for $300. They were having to load and unload their small GPU RAM from off-board RAM.