Toomim Bros GPU mining software and cloud mining

you know we all bought your cloud mining for starting mining at the first time of launch,, we all died of your launch failing ,,,you did say you were very sad when you failed to deliver hashrates at the first two days ,so you know you have failed to fullfill the contracts and asked customers to give you sometime to fix your owns problem and then disscuss refund ,, but you lied,,
now I still ask you to take your responsibility ,,, just refund me !
my refund btc address: 1C4yyZhQCAkfWanMAACiJBTYj7CUKM828W


Reading this thread is like listening to a broken record...


yes ,,,Toomim broke the record from the start

That's what happens when you sell a product to people that don't understand what they are buying.

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ppl know what they are buying ,, when ppl buy cloud mining service they are especially buying lanuch day minning

it is possible that there was no issue apart from the price been so ridiculous first day they took the decision to earn a quick buck for themselves

We did not mine ourselves for the first few weeks, and we have a witness who attests to that:

what's going on with these cloud mining companies and poor pricing models they are most certainly taking advantage of people not in the know

We didn't set our prices, our customers did via an auction.

they should have passed on all of the speed increases to customers

We did, and more. Our code got 42 H/s as of a couple weeks before launch. Currently, the best miner we can use (Linux) gets about 140 H/s on the same hardware. That's 3.3x faster. We're giving 4x to 12x as much hashrate as our customers paid for.

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What we have here is a few people trying to get a refund by holding our reputation hostage. They are hoping that if they complain frequently enough, that we will give in and give them a refund on their non-refundable contracts.

eastwind_ja said this to me via email on Nov 1st:

but you should know I have made up my mind for a refund and I will not give up . I have promised if you refund for me , i will not say a word about refund of mine on forum.

if you don't refund ,,then you just make me keep sending email and posting on forum. This not good for both you and me ,and I don't think this is nessesary .

@jtoomim, on November 14, you mentioned, "Compensation payments will be made within two weeks." I was wondering if things were still on track for the compensation payments to be made by November 28. Thank you so much for putting together the compensation plan.

What you actually have is a number of disgruntaled customers who appear tired and frustrated by your constant repeatitive BS

Never trust a Toomim

The issue is that eastwind_ja and a few others misread the contract:

1) "We will not do refunds unless" does not have the same meaning as "we will do refunds if".

Consider this statement:

"You will not be the next president of the USA unless your first name is Donald."

That does not have the same meaning as this statement:

"If your first name is Donald, you will be the next president of the USA."

The first statement is true, and the second is false--alas, Donald Duck won't be our next president.

Having difficulty fulfilling the contracts is a necessary but not sufficient condition for us to offer refunds.

2) We are not having difficulty fulfilling the contract.

We are slightly over 3 weeks into our contracts, and we've already delivered 77% to 309% as many hashes as we're supposed to have delivered by January 28th. What we had is a delay in the start of delivery, but we are not having difficulty fulfilling them.

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Thanks for the reminder.

We'll need you (and everyone else) to log into and enter in your Zcash address in order for us to send you your compensation.

Thanks so much @jtoomim. Currently, upon clicking the submit button on the compensation page, there isn't any visual feedback that the submission has succeeded (nothing happens). I'm using Google Chrome.

@hloo: The feedback is the submit button going grey. And if you reload the page, you should see your Zec address remains. That means it's been saved.

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@toomim, thank you. I see now that my submission worked.

You cannot reasonably proportion blame upon your customers.

Attempts to blame them, suggest it was ill configured pool settings and a host of other excuses doesn't alter the fact that you failed to deliver hashing power on genesis and subsequent days.

Yes, many believed that you would deliver record breaking speeds from day one and the reason for that is as clear as the mud on your face. You mis-sold your product and service.

Never trust a Toomim

We are responsible for the 48 hour delay, so we are compensating our customers for the 48 hour delay.

We are not refunding the full 91- to 365-day contracts based on a 2 day delay. eastwind_ja's claim that we should is based on a misreading of our contract.

mista66, you are not a customer. Why are you even here?

A number of your customers appear unhappy to accept your offer and are demanding a refund. Yet you are seeking to discredit them publicly for doing so.

Damn right i'm not ... Never trust a Toomim

You used this platform to engage in an act of social engineering your aim was to hoodwinking people. I can not echo enough that it's as clear as the mud on your face. You mis-sold your product and service. .


I appreciate the compensation

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You are SCAMMING your clients. This is robbery!!

For example: If someones bought 30H/s, he will get a compensation of 1 ZEC, that today is worth 0.08BTC. But the first day he would have mined 0.05ZEC, that was worth AT LEAST 0.75BTC.

So you are not compensating at all! It's just theater

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We have been completely honest, transparent, and held our word. We have generously given out 4x and 12x what customers paid us for.

You are upset because the Zcash price tanked, from 3,299 BTC to 0.09 BTC. It does not make sense to blame our company for the Zcash price. We are a hashing service.