Current GPU/CPU miner MAX speed

Seems like tromp’s CPU miner maxes out at 25.6 Sol/s :

What is the current MAX speed for open sourced GPU miner ?
What is the max speed Toomim Bros claims to achieve on their private GPU miner ?

I;m looking to find out what the max difference is between a latest gen i7 and a latest gen GPU card.

Currently (from what I have seen) open source CPU is actually ahead of open source GPU at this point. Around 25.x vs. 20.x for 4GHz/i7 vs. AMD 480.

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Interesting… What about Toomim Bros claims from 2 weeks ago that their GPU miner is around 100x faster than their optimized CPU miner ?

That was 2 weeks ago! A lot changed and the integration of Tromps solvers into zcashd completely changed this dynamic.

The CPU optimizations made in the last 2-3 weeks have made CPU miners almost 50x faster than they were with default Zcash miner.

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Good to hear this.
We are closer to zcash goal.


In terms of Sol/GBs, that is, solutions per GB (peak memory) second,
the improvement is even more dramatic

default miner : 0.063 S/s / 0.7GB = 0.09 S/GBs
tromp miner : 16.6 S/s / 0.144GB = 115 S/GBs
(both miners using all the threads they can use:-)

That’s a factor 1278x improvement!


Excellent work on CPU miner improvements. Compared to GPU speed, how much is CPU lagging behind ?

That improvement makes sens only if somebody plans to use it on low mem devices. I know some talk about mining on phones but it would not be very efficient at all. So what’s your point here? (it’s not a troll, real question.)

The optimization makes sense for anyone on CPU. The numbers of course are only that dramatic under certain circumstances.


R9 7950 = 9H/S
R9 7970 = 10H/S
R9 280X= 11H/S
R9 290 = 17H/S

This is 1 whole rig, 4 gpu, with a total of 47h/s almost equivalent to jtoomim’s 1 R9 290 with 42h/s.

Yeah the GPUs need optimizations

GTX 980ti - 24.5 - 25.5 Sol/s
Watch Video here:
GTX 980ti approx 25 Sol/s (24.5-25.5)

RX470 17-18 Sol/s
Watch Video here:
6 GPU Rig rx470 4G /rx480 8G combo 17+ Sol/s (5xRX470 & 1xRX480)
Note: RX cards have modded bios

How did you come up with those number with the xtremal gpu miner

thank you

It this result for the single thread?

Can someone guess what solver going to be final on 28th Oct. Do anyone here believe that GPU solver will surely be out?
is premature to invest in buying hardware required for mining rig or still we need to wait a lil bit.
what are the odds?

I left a 6 x RX 470 4G system running overnight (1500 strap BIOS, stock voltage) w/ extremal’s OpenCL miner that averages around 17.3 Sol/s (103.7 Sol/s total) on Win10. Power consumption is pretty reasonable - about 630W.

I am running etherchain’s patched 0.2 nheqminer (that uses xenoncat’s CPU solver and tromp’s CUDA solver) that reports 21.1 I/s and 39.7 Sol/s (I’m thoroughly confused at what nheqminer is reporting these days - Sol/s as I/s and Run/s as Sol/s?) on a 4GHz (non-turbo) i7-4790k and a GTX970 - also on Win10 atm since there’s no source for 0.2, although I would prefer to run in Linux. Power consumption is about 190W.

stick to Sol/s (which is roughly 1:1 with H/s)

6 x RX 470 39.7 Sol/s seems very low

nicehash 0.2, without -t option, no OC:
2x xeon e5-2690v3 (12 cores, 24 threads each) - 90 sol/s
1x core i7-3770 - 24 sol/s
1x core2quad Q9300 - 3,2 sol/s