Toomim Bros Genesis Cloud Zcash Cloud Mining Contract 50 h/s (3 months)

50 h/s Toomim Mining Contract

I am selling my zcash clouding mining contract from Toomim Bros.
Here is their website:

Contract start date: 28th October 2016
End date: 26th January 2017
Hashing Power: 50 h/s

You can login into the Toom website and direct the hashing power at any pool that you want (I am currently mining flypool). Here is the link of the current mining address and pool, you can see the proof of mining right now:

You can also see the payout history there. Zcash has a slow start so the current mining reward (as of today) is only around 1 ZEC per block. This will continue to increase until it reaches the maximum block reward (12.5 ZEC) in about 1 month’s time. Then you will be able to see the real return of the contract.

ESCROW - I don’t mind. If needed, it will be via Dabs, link to his profile here:

Any escrow service fees are paid for by buyer. Look at my trust history and you will see that I am trustworthy (check my account on bitcointalk - Klintay)

After full payment you will receive:
login ID + password to your Toomim Account (where you can change the pool settings of the mining contract).

Payment Details
Price: 3 BTC
Payment address: 1Q2ezgFmbL6npPBNnD9qPJmGdZGDnC9S1X
After payment please send me the tx-id and your mining pool info.

What the fuck is this.,Is this toomim’s scam again.

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look at the topic Toomim Bros GPU mining software and cloud mining

my contract has been stable for about 48 hours now
toomim are delivering and they will compensate users in the future as well for the missed mining time on day 1