Toomim Bros GPU mining software and cloud mining

I insisit on refund ,,, in the email ,,Toomim admitted the bad lanuch service ,but reject refund . what he is doing is very bad for his reputation

They don't care about their reputation anymore. They got 7000Sol/s right now correct? That means they got 700BTC from Cloud mining which is $500,000 in free money.

How much money do you think they made with their simple Bitcoin hosting company? Probably not much. There really is no money anymore in hosting miners. All miners are hosted in China these days. This is probably a one or two man operation. Hence when miners crash in the middle of the night there is nobody to reboot them because the owner is sleeping.

$500,000 is probably 10-20x their regular business revenue, THEY ARE RETIRING AFTER THIS........

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Damn boy you're a crybaby... please stop trashing this thread.
We all lost money in the first days but now we have 3-6-12 months to recoup our investment.
This will work out just fine. Toomim bros are pro.

If you guys break-even I will eat my own hair....

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What did you mean with that?
I believe I was a action winner to :wink:
And did not get that...

Second.. Many people here over react a little.
I believe that they do what they can to get everything alright and we just wait what they offer to compensate the late mining.
Zeropond hat problems to, I believe..
I bought to for mining at the start and it did not happen and that was really sh.. and disapointed.
But that the gpu and cpu mining getting better is a risk we all take at that moment.

I believe I was a action winner to[o] :wink:
And did not get that...

@mike-zcash, your bid was for 15 H/s at 3 BTC. The final auction price was 0.18 BTC/(H/s), and you accepted a post-auction offer to increase your order to 16.666 H/s at 3 BTC rather than receive 0.3 BTC in change on the original 15 H/s bid.

A couple of days later, Toomim Bros decided to triple our hashrate delivery to all auction winners. This was a unilateral decision, and not part of our contract. This put our target hashrate at 50 H/s for you.

Over the last 24 hours, you have received an average of 98 H/s, according to your pool.

Yes, something went wrong on the website. Check your email. It looks like you created multiple accounts, and didn't put in pool info on the account that placed the order.

You guys are better off gambling on the first onchain ZCash game

They got 7000Sol/s right now correct? That means they got 700BTC from Cloud mining which is $500,000 in free money.

We only sold 3971 H/s worth of orders. We are delivering 7300 Sol/s to them at the moment, although we will eventually switch the excess over to mining for ourselves (or sell it to new customers).

It is not free money. It is revenue in exchange for a contracted service, not a gift.

This is probably a one or two man operation.

We currently have 10 workers in addition to my brother and I.

Toomin, please relog.

Our business model for cloud mining is to let our customers (or the market) set the price per H/s. Predicting and choosing a profitable price is your responsibility. Delivering hashrate is our responsibility.

Our hashrate delivery has not met the standards that we choose to hold ourselves to. We will rectify that with our compensation package. However, the compensation package is not intended to guarantee profitability for the customers. Its purpose is to ensure that we're keeping our end of the bargain. Our customers are still responsible for their end.

cloud mining is the devil pople i wish folks would learn this , only one thst makes any money is the operators

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3 days without so much as a single sol.. Great, just what I paid for.. Refund please..

I think what would of been fair would of been to rent out GPUs instead. Like if the R9 290 ran at 25Sol/s when you created your miner and now it can run at 50Sol/s you should increase everyones speed.

This is different from Bitcoin ASICs where each generation is based on manufacteuring generations such as 28nm vs 14nm.

Zcash mining is based more on software which can easily be changed every week or month to be more efficient.

Like Claymore stated getting 100Sol/s with his 390. And yet your 290s perform at 25Sol/s. Best solution would be to upgrade everyones speeds to match the 100Sol/s and this way you would get much less complaints.

In the end you will get your money anyways. But what you are doing is unfair because you basically sold 25Sol/s and will mine the 75Sol/s yourselves or resell that hashrate which is not fair.

When Bitcoin GPUs came out at first they were very inefficient but within 6-12 months people managed to make them 2-3 times faster using the EXACT same hardware and power usage.

Do the right thing

you are damn right ,, Toomim should offer more hashrates according the mimer's improvement ..not just useless compensastion , as far as I can see,, we won't be able to mine out profits that match our payments
Toomim shouldn't be insatiably greedy and disregard the basic interests of customers

You are damn wrong.

Toomim does not have any responsibility to ensure that you profit. You choose the price you paid, not knowing how relatively low the value of hashes would be come launch. That is your risk, not theirs.

The risks you mitigate by cloud mining are the risk associated with trying to run your own rig. Not being able to get it to work. Electricity costs. Hardware failure. Etc.

Toomim need to make compensation for their failure to mitigate those risks for you, because that's their primary job, and what the contract is for.

They don't need to up your hash rate just so you can stay in the black.

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Feels a lot like everyone needs to take a chill pill. Toomin were exceptionally open about the build out and issues. You purchased a service from a start up and they are committed to delivering the expected hash (even retroactively it seems). Yeah it sucks when the service doesn't work, but most of you are really just angry that diff is so high you won't recoup your investment, and that's not their fault.

I myself have a 'decent size' contract with a cloud provider and you know what, I will never ROI (most likely, bar some 10 BTC Zcash price in a year or so). But it was my choice to buy the contract, so I don't bitch about it.

This is the problem with the entire community. People are so blindly expecting some magic instant profit that they don't even do their homework before throwing $10,000s USD at something. Suck it up, you aren't gonna make money on every single investment cause that's not how the world works.

You can have your own opinion on 'Toomin should do x' but at the end of the day they are a for profit company and you purchased a product. Anything outside the original agreement is up to them, and them alone.

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Dude, I accept that, but i promise in the long haul you won't have a business, with an attitude like that.

Lol they wont need any new customers, they built a huge farm with YOUR money and also will make over 100k a month or so this month with the hash they have . if ZEC dies they will turn all the GPUS you helped them buy back to ETH and keep the $$ rolling in. They will be fine lol