Toomim Bros pool and wallet setup guide for cloud mining

This guide will tell you how to set up one or more mining pools for use with the Toomim Bros cloud hashing service. If you haven’t bought service from us, you should disregard this forum post.

Note: The pool setup page on our website is now a live beta. Let us know if you have any trouble with the interface.

For desperate/panicked users ONLY

The easiest way to set up your mining account is to use Nicehash with us. Nicehash does not require you to create an account, and does not require you to have a ZCash wallet. To use Nicehash, put this into our Pools page (once it’s live):

URL: stratum+tcp://
Username: [your bitcoin address]
Passwrod: x

That’s it. You’re done.

Caveat : If you use Nicehash, you will not actually be mining Zcash. You will be renting out your Zcash mining capability to someone else who pays in Bitcoin. Your total revenue might end up being much higher or much smaller from using Nicehash than if you use an actual Zcash pool. I do not recommend using Nicehash, and I do not like Nicehash. But it’s there.

For users with a healthy mind

Disregard the previous section entirely, and read on.


We perform the mining computation, and send our solutions to a pool server. The pool server will use those computations to create blocks, and will pay you for each computation performed. You will (a) need to configure your Toomim Bros account to point to your pool server account, and you will need to (b) tell your pool server to pay your address.

You only need to configure one mining pool with us. If your only pool goes down for a while, we will hash at 2x the normal rate after it comes back online until you are caught back up. If you prefer, you can also add a backup pool or two, but they are optional.

####Pool info

You will need to give us three pieces of information:

  1. Your pool’s mining url (e.g. “stratum+tcp://”)
  2. Your username with that pool, possibly with a worker name (e.g. “fakeuser” or “fakeuser.fakeworker”
  3. Something for the “password” field. This is not used by most pools. You should usually leave this blank or put an “x” here.

Wallet info

Your pool will also need to know how to pay you. In order to get paid, you need a Zcash wallet. As far as I know, the only Zcash wallets that currently exist (as of Oct 27th) require that you have the command-line zcashd utility set up. This is moderately difficult. Some easy-to-use wallets are in development (e.g. Jaxx), so this will be much easier to do soon. For now, I will assume that you are procrastinating on creating a wallet, and will figure it out later.

So you want to mine, but you have nowhere to store the money. Okay.


The mining pools that exist can be split into three categories:

###A. Pools that let you mine without a Zcash wallet address by using an account

These pools require you to create an account in advance of any mining. These pools include:

  1. (1% fee, large and tested; 0.01 ZEC per manual withdrawal (around $5))
    URL: stratum+tcp://
    Password field required – don’t use a valuable password!

  2. (1% fee, no SSL yet, partially tested, charges 0.1 ZEC per withdrawal (around $50))
    URL: stratum+tcp://stratum+tcp://

Both of these pools require you to create a worker ID for each miner via their web interface. You will then give us “username.workerID” in the username field on [link TBD].

These are the easiest true Zcash options for pre-launch setup.

###B. Pools that let you mine with just a Zcash address

These pools do not require you to create an account. However, you need to have a Zcash wallet set up before you can use them. You just use your Zcash address as your username. We have not yet tested these.

  1. (0% fee)
    URL: stratum+tcp://

  2. (2% fee)
    URL: stratum+tcp://

###C. Pools that need an account and an address

The worst of both worlds. You need an account to mine, and you need to have a wallet already set up in order to create an account. I haven’t tested this one at all yet.

  1. Pool Closed (1% fee)
    URL: stratum+tcp://

###D. Rental services with bitcoin payouts

These aren’t really pools, but they fill the same role. With these systems, you provide solutions, which other people pay for with bitcoin. The main one, Nicehash, does not require an account or a Zcash address. You use your bitcoin address as your username. Worker names are optional. To use them, you put “your_bitcoin_address.workername” into the username field on our website. Nicehash is technically two separate marketplaces, one in the USA and one in Europe. Sale prices for your equihash hashrate may be slightly different on the two different marketplaces.

  1. NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading (USA)
    URL: stratum+tcp://

  2. NiceHash - Leading Cryptocurrency Platform for Mining and Trading (Europe)
    URL: stratum+tcp://


This post is reserved for detailed instructions on setting up a wallet.

This post is reserved for detailed instructions on our website interface.

Suprnova requires both worker names and passwords. I think also requires workers. Here’s how you deal with that.

####Setting up a worker on suprnova:

First, log in, then click on My Account, and finally My Workers. That should bring you to this screen:

You type in your Worker Name and Worker Password on the left, then click Add New Worker. After that, you should see:

Then you put that into our pool configuration page:

Note that “toomimbros” in this case refers to my particular account name with suprnova. If your account name with suprnova is “sillyguy” and you create a worker named “sillyputty”, then you would do “sillyguy.sillyputty” instead of “toomimbros.example_worker.”

Other pools are similar.

This post is reserved just in case.

This post is reserved because I’m just a reserved kind of guy.

This post is reserved for making fun of Nicehash.

This post is reserved for making fun of myself.

Edit: We don’t have time to fill this out at the moment, but we’ll get back to it in a few days. Please be patient.


Your Post is wrong, only charges 1% fee

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Fixed. [Ignore this filler text for 20 character minimum]

Excellent post, I’ve spent 3 days to understand this info by myself.
One thing, the situation with miners is not described here yet.

Thank you for this information. It is much appreciated.

It appears that requires that workers have passwords. (When creating a worker, the password field is required.)

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Thanks for that, I’ve made a note for others.

@streetsdfx This post is for people who are using the Toomim Bros cloud mining service. We take care of the mining side. Our users do not need to install or run any mining software.

@jtoomim, for the auction winners who also bought additional hash power from, is everything consolidated into a single Toomin Bros account, or do we need to specify pool separately (once for the auctioned hashing power and once for the purchased hashing power)?

I will reply to auction winners separately via email.

Is your cloud mining service going to be using this miner?

Let’s stay on topic, please. (Our miner is faster than that. Our miner also outputs correct solutions, unlike the one you linked.)

Zeropool charges 0.1 ZEC for withdrawals, that is a looooot of money. ZEC is currently trading at $530 usd.


Re: Zeropool withdrawal fee: Ouch. I’ve added a note.

Also, I created guide for adding workers to suprnova in post 4 above.