Zcash mining pool got paid friday, come by and check it out

I setup a new mining pool for zcash and Friday the pool got paid 9.8 zcash ($2400)

come by and check it out and mine with us
Mining address equihash.usa.icybermine.com port 3357

Webstats at http://equihash.usa.icybermine.com:8080/stats

I might try. Only you mine? When will we find block?

I tried with zm 0.6 but it could not connect to server,pool…

Depends on how much hash and how many miners. Says 90 days right now but had a block found a few days ago 9 zcash which was 2400 usd.

Its always luck for pools unless you goto a large pool then the payouts are small and frequent. I was mining for 4 months at nicehash at 50 bucks a week. Running in a smaller pool has been way more profitable for me personally but that depends also on how much hash rate you have available on your equipment.

I would hope in the next week or two to recruit some miners.

Thanks for taking a look. I do appreciate you contacting me.

Did you use the stratum address?

Yes,i did. I might try later again.

I have two rigs i could put. About 4000 sol/s.

Checked from many locations this evening and all miners able to connect without issues. If you get a chance please your miner config. The server is equihash.usa.icybermine.com port 3357 also make sure you use your zcash wallet address as the username. We have a download that has a configuration you just need to change the wallet address.