📊 Totally Biased MGRC Voter's Guide

EDIT: You raise valid concerns that are getting lost in the way you are saying them. (much like mine were in this reply) Thats what Im trying to say in this post. I wrote it in haste, sorry if I dont make that clear in the post.

The bit about asking you to change the wording is because i feel more compelled to respond to details rather than the more general points. Again, I don’t make this clear in my post.

What part about working for a fortune 500 company would mean that he would care about the very minor remittance he gets from his zf affiliation?

c’mon man, this is getting into alex jones territory.

Questioning is fine, but you are getting very very close to accusing people of bad faith with no evidence. That will get other community members to flag your posts, which if they are trust level 3 or higher and 2 of them do it, it auto removes the post. (this is what happened to your OP before you edited it.)

I found your reply to me to be pretty distasteful in its assumptions about zooko. Please stick to facts and evidence rather than speculation when it comes to motivation of other people.

Only 1 person had applied when zooko penned his post about delaying. - the same day I chatted to josh c about lack of applicants… the rest of the COI about the CAP/ZFND/ECC can be found in the expanding cap thread from last year.

If you edit your post to be more neural I will respond.

I personally don’t think the question is relevant. And I stand by that - my votes would not change based off the answer.

Why are you laughing at me? - because it is clearly meant as humour.


Thanks for putting this together! Interesting insights.

I may be reading the document wrong, but I think it indicates I never mined Zcash. I actually was a miner on the day Zcash launched, as I mentioned in one of the previous Q&A sessions.


Ah should have known! Can’t believe I missed that! Will note when I get back :pray:

As I stated in my application for the MGRC, if elected to the MGRC I will be sitting in the Zcash Foundations seat as the ZFND representative.

ZIP-1014 specifically allows for one person from the ECC and ZFND to sit on the MGRC if that’s the primary issue you have (as you feel it represents a COI) then the avenue to correct it would be to propose a modification to ZIP-1014 or create a new ZIP for consideration.

Last I checked the ECC and ZFND are currently funded by the Zcash blockchain via block rewards not by VCs.


All, please refrain from maligning each other’s intentions, stick to the facts. When you cloud the conversation with speculation about why someone may have done something it becomes a he-said she-said where neither party can be proven correct. Instead of making sweeping generalizations about what someone was thinking at the time they made a statement simply ask them, they are here on the forums too.


Just to lighten the mood 'cos the ‘negative campaigning’ is getting me down

voters guide


a great majority of the voters have already voted. congrats to everyone participating.


Apologies for the late reply. I hope this is obvious, but my invitation and endorsement of Sandy Ordonez is because she would bring both deep experience in funding internet freedom organizations and diversity to the MGRC, positive qualities in their own right. I will not benefit financially or personally by her being in the MGRC; my recommendation is purely because I want the MGRC to succeed in funding good organizations that will meaningfully both help Zcash grow and improve privacy online for all.

Hopefully this was already clear but I wanted to state this explicitly.


Hi Chelsea, Yes, loud and clear. Thank you for all you do, both at Tor and Zcash Foundation. As always, you and Sandy have my complete support <3

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It may be likely that @amiller invited @dontpanicburns:

I wasn’t invited by Andrew. I did meet Hudson at Zcon0, and we both seem to have similar interests, but it was likely just a coincidence we applied the same day do different etherum things and what not. Many of the candidates, well at least myself, are extremely limited on what they are allowed to do publicly with crypto. While i may not be in the forum as often as some, rest assured I advance the zcash narrative every chance i get.

Random zec street cred not mentioned in the biased voter guide:

  1. i was the one who proposed the mascot initiative. https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/Elections/blob/master/2018-Q2/General-Measures/Foundation_Mascot_ballot.md
  2. my top medium post( and the top google/duckduckgo result for “how to send a shielded transaction”) is how to transfer from a t address to a z address from years ago. https://bfy.tw/P5Kf
  3. I conducted unarguably the most cyperpunk-esqe mpc ceremony in the subways of hong kong https://www.coindesk.com/devs-destruction-inside-zcashs-second-crypto-ceremony

I did see zookos post and i am thankful the deadline was extended. i almost missed my chance to help drive zcash to the next phase, where ever that may be.

*edited for spelling


I’m full of wonder. That’s good to hear and glad you are here! Best of luck

Ditto, except I waited for the absolute last day :stuck_out_tongue:

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you should do this, but for the panelists. you can call it the “totally biased CAP Coinholder’s Guide.”

have fun!

Check out the second tab of the workbook! Any other factors I should include?

number of shilled and failed projects.

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