Transaction unconfirmed


Yesterday i was using zcash4win for the first time. So i’ve maid a transaction and everything was ok, than i’ve made another transaction to the same address and the amount of zec’s moved from my wallet by did not come to the destination address. In my wallet the transaction is marked as unconfirmed. After that i made a third transaction to the same address and it is confirmed, but second transaction is not confirmed until now - 12 hours passed.

txid b503f2f659db08f4e2b6fb8033d91c0bc6e1909e3c72866453daa62cb4ad9be4

What should i do?

The same thing mate. My tid: 2d804f5d6fad422ea0c6f0037159e78d72ce7e2ccc168b63475bd8823da4eb21
I’m wondering, that it can be connected with low fees to miners, but on the other hand - the fee is the same as for other transactions.

Now I’m looking at the possibility of double spending for zec.

Please let me know if you have any updates for this. I’ll do the same.

So. I have deleted the wallet from one machine that i used to send money and now i have reinstalled it. But i did not used backed up wallet.dat only the private keys. I have now two wallets (both windows zcash4win) simultaneously running. The one that was reinstalled is showing that i do not have any unconfirmed transactions, and the balance is restored to the exact numbers before (thats good! :slight_smile: ). The other one, is still showing unconfirmed transactions and the balance is of course, is still showing no money.

The blockchain explorer says that my balance is the same with reinstalled wallet (the right one). But what should i do with the wrong wallet? So what next, should i try zapwallettxes=2 on the wallet with wrong balance? Should i just delete the wrong wallet and reinstall it?

Same issue. Txn has been sitting for over 6 hours. The receiver is showing as pending 0/20.

sending address: t1L2FHseAwovbzX48YxUUiW2ke917h1tc6d

amount -4.00000000
confirmations 0
details[0].account “”
details[0].address “t1cUuEDUZeUEWSLB1Tbv8jYsqwHUHLrfT7o”
details[0].amount -4.00000000
details[0].category “send”
details[0].fee -0.00010000
details[0].size 56862
details[0].vout 0
fee -0.00010000
hex Can’t post too big, see link ZEC - Failed Transaction Hex · GitHub
time 1506578401
timereceived 1506578401
txid “88b6e6fd727223c0f35a7135daf666b0661b8a1f5845770630e85a55b9517741”

@mytya wondering if I should try the same thing

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’

Update. The reinstalled wallet after restarting has shown that the unconfirmed transaction is now confirmed!!! But it was maid 2 minutes ago. Also no dev fee was taken.

now showing that transaction was made and confirmed
and showing that transaction is not made and my address still has some zec’s on it