Transaction stuck with 0 transaction fee

I tried sending ZEC with 0 transaction fee and now the transaction is unconfirmed for 4 days.


If I search for transaction on “explorer.zchain” it simply does not exist and the missing balance is still on my account:

However if I check the transaction on zcashnetworkinfo the transaction is present and seems to be confirmed.

First thing which baffles me is that the information on “explorerzchain” and zcashnetworkinfo does not match even though they are pulling the information from the same network (supposedly). Does someone have any idea why?

My zcash4win walllet also shows the transaction as confirmed, however because of 0 transaction fee I tend to believe that transaction is truly unconfirmed since nobody would’ve mined it, but I am not sure how can I force the transaction to clear?

Any help is appreciated.
I have also contacted bitfinex pointing them to confirmed transactions on zcashnetworkinfo. Will be updating here if I hear back from them.

The information on Zchain seems to be incorrect. I would trust what and your wallet says, the transaction is successful.

UPDATE: Bitfinex admits that transaction is successfully and did not get confirmed due to a bug in their system.

However it’s not yet clear when the deposit will be credited since this is a manual process and I am not the only one in the queue.

This happened to me. This bug in bitfinex appears when the transactions take to be added to the blockchain more than a few hours (I’been able to see this bug with a transaction that takes 8-hours or more)

I strongly recommend adding bigger fee when transferring to bitfinex

Send a support ticket and they will add it manually, I’m also on queue to added it manually to my acount

Btw, how long does it take to confirm a transaction without fee?