Transactions in zcash4win

Hi everyone! Whenever i send money in zcash4win software, the transaction fee is always 0.0001 disregarding the amount i send. Is this normal, or should the fee be dynamic? I ask because all my transactions take about half an hour to arrive, which again, i don’t know if it’s normal or not… Thanks in advance!

yes that’s all normal, the current release should let you set a different tx fee if you want, but that is the default used by zcashd on all platforms

oh and the half hour thing is due to needing to see enough confirmations on the tx being mined

Thanks for the answer! On the side note, in future versions of zcash4win, can you please implement a feature of balance being displayed in USD, like in Jaxx wallet? Thanks again!

yes, I want to eventually have it list the value in any number of fiat currencies in a drop down in settings (USD, EUR, etc)

Quick question, what happens if you set the fee to 0?

miners may or may not mine it! They can set policy to not mine zero fee txns, I don’t know what the default for that is in the solo miner built into zcashd these days, and have no idea what various mining pools do in that regard

but right now 0.001 ZEC is still just pennies (in USD)

Thanks, looking forward to it!

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Have I got it right, ie Zcash4win fee amount numbers should match exactly the fee % claimed in the 3rd party mining software, @DEVfee, or not?

the only numbers zcash4win has are what’s on-chain, so yeah things should match

When one send ZEC through Zcash4win, there is a fee setting - & the default number 0.0001 - what it is about? Who do set the number, to whom this fee goes? Sorry, for stupid question

what fee is included in the txn is up to the wallet that creates it, and what txns miners mine is up to them (based on fee or whatever else)


Всем доброго времени суток.Какова минимальная сумма вывода zec из zcash4win?