Transfer funds from pool (anonymous mining)

just started mining and I created a t-address and a z-address locally on my PC with the zcash software ( ./src/zcash-cli getnewaddress ).
I am using nanopool for mining and I do not know how to transfer funds from the t address to my z address. Can someone explain? Thanks!

You will first have to tell the pool to send it to your t-address.

Then once you have the coins in your wallet you can use:
$ ./src/zcash-cli z_sendmany "TADDR" "[{\"amount\": 0.8, \"address\": \"ZADDR\"}]"

Where TADDR is the address you are sending from
And ZADDR is the address you are sending to.

Thank you for your answer.

But I am already mining at the pool and using the generated t-address.
Can I just issue the command you show to make the transfer?

I read somewhere that when you make a transfer from a t address you have to send all the zcash, one cannot send only a portion. Is this correct?


You can send as much or as little as you like just remember to add the transaction fee of .0001 ZEC.