Transfering Mined coins

Hey everyone

I am using Z-nomp to mine some HUSH coins but I cannot transfer the mined coins to my personal wallet :frowning:

I already try to transfer to a z address but I cannot transfer to a t address.

I know that a zcash forum sorry to be asking about hush :frowning: but their community it’s small

@anon47418038 is a Hush developer he may be able to help you.

go to we can get your sorted out there…you also have to wait for 100 confirmation before spending from a zaddr, so THAT might be it if you didn’t wait long enough

I fix was missing the shield the coins!!

I need to transfer to a Z address than back to a T address
I was able to configure the Z-NOMP on the coin file to do that.
But at first he was giving a lots of error but with time he ended up fixing the transactions and the payments are okay no.

But I don’t understand when I was trying to shield manual I was never able to transfer to a Z address using the z_sendmany
To shield is it other command?