Hi noob question about zcash4win private z addr

Hi all, ive got 2 zotac 8gb 1070’s mini gpus. ive synced the wallet but noticed it says to only send freshly mined coins to the private z addr. However on all the pools ive looked at it says they wont send to the z addr because of a bug. Can I send any mined coins to the t addr? appologies if this is a silly question.

Those pool’s have a z address where the coins that are mined go. From there it’s distributed using t addresses. That’s on their back end though and you don’t see that. They won’t send to z addresses because it takes HUGE amounts of resources to do at this time. Of course it’s perfectly fine to have them send your mined coins to a t address and you can move them to a z address from there on your own.

When you do that for the first time, you’ll understand why z addresses aren’t being used en masse yet. Once Sapling comes in 2018, this will no longer be an issue :slight_smile:


what they said ^^^^^^^^

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Thanks for the reply guys, got my 1st pay out today.

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