TREZOR Wallet Supports Zcash

TREZOR Wallet has integrated Zcash in previous releases, but the Wallet has been supporting Zcash only on the beta chain of the wallet. Starting today, the beta graduated into a full version. Zcash is supported directly on the main wallet chain at You will need the latest firmware update (1.4.2) on your TREZOR to use it with the Wallet.

More information can be found on our blog:


t-addresses only though

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Exactly… t-addresses only. More of us zcashers need to use shielded addresses to strengthen the system. I for one am only using z addresses now. If done properly you can secure your funds very well. I cant wait until a hardware wallet with shielded address capability comes along though for sure. It will be a great easy way for the majority of people to have privacy.

I also am looking forward to seeing more adoption of shielded addresses across the crypt0 eco system. Exchanges and just traders in general should start transacting with these addresses to keep safe from the prying eyes of the man.