Will Trezor, a bitcoin (hardware offline) wallet, work with Zcash?

I'm interested in using a wallet created by SatoshiLabs called Trezor. Does anyone know if this will work out of the box with ZEC? Since ZCash is a fork from Bitcoin I hoping it will. Does it matter that ZCash will have transparent and protected addresses?

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No it won't. Perhaps contact Trezor to find out whether they intend on supporting Zcash.

I cannot speak for Trezor, but we are in contact with them and they have made changes to their firmware to support Zcash transparent addresses: https://github.com/trezor/trezor-mcu/pull/111 . I think more changes are needed on both our and their sides, but those are minor and I hope they will be sorted out before Zcash launch.


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Latest Trezor firmware update supports Zcash

However, we may be changing the prefixes from what is in TREZOR, to make it much clearer to users whether an address is transparent or shielded, which would require another TREZOR update:

Also, we may be changing how transactions are hashed before being signed, which would be a much larger change (and one we'd only want to do before launch), which might mean that they can't support Zcash initially.

Here is the response from Satoshi Labs Support:

"With the latest firmware, we've implemented Zcash support. At the moment TREZOR supports transparent addresses only - there is a plan for involving the supported addresses but it won't be sooner than TREZOR2 release."

Note that Trezor2 is a new physical device, not just a firmware update. Ugh, I just ordered two Trezor 1 devices.... ;(

It's not surprising that protected addresses would take a lot more work to support, since the format and method of signing is completely different. Actually I'm not sure that you can generate a JoinSplit off the hardware device and sign it on the device without having the input spending keys available to the JoinSplit generator, so it could be that we'll have to make other protocol changes to enable securely-offline JoinSplits.

here is the pictures:

I would be cautious of buying anything from people who are running a KNOWN ponzi cloud mining operation.
Lightning asic have been selling zcash mining contracts here:


their current payouts suggest they are only providing 10% of what they promised to investors!
Therefore are you going to trust these guys to make a hardware wallet and basically have access to your zec by proxy? g'luck with that!

Good news from Trezor Support!

We are testing and optimizing ZCash support on our beta version of myTREZOR web wallet - beta.mytrezor.com
You need to change backend server to ZCash (please see and select this option below on the website, where you can change currencies) and then in "Currency backend" choose - Waterhole.io

I sent some of my hard earned ZEC (transparent address) to my Trezor device and it worked flawlessly! Please note that this is still in beta

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could one just install something like jaxx on a USB drive and use it like a hardware offline wallet?

I don't know about jaxx but the Trezor device is built as a hardware wallet that has some unique features you can read up here: http://satoshilabs.com/trezor/. I don't work for Trezor, I am just a user. I guess you can think of it as a specialized USB.

The thing I like about hardware wallets is that it can not be stolen off the web and that you need to physically have it to send out transactions. The device is password protected which which is of some comfort if it is stolen. You can also recover your wallet (since it is on the block chain) without the original device through a long set of security words you chose at setup.

Hard to beat this type of security.

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ok so not really the same as just installing any old wallet on a usb, it has additional features, thanks

Sure but it would not be as secure unless you built the security software yourself. Basically their device is secure at a firmware level and is likely to be better than what you can build. Plus, cool team of people who built a great extensible API.

yes probably more secure and more options, i see

Worth pointing out that Jaxx will be releasing a hardware wallet in Q1 2017 to support all the currencies they support at that point. Jaxx currently supports ZCash:

oh yes, good point, i totally forgot about seeing that on their website :slight_smile:
thanks for the heads up cypto brother

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Trezor is working with ZEC, i send a mail, and it's working. I tried a few send and receive funds

We are testing and optimizing ZCash support on our beta version of myTREZOR web wallet - beta.mytrezor.com
You need to change backend server to ZCash (please see and select this option below on the website, where you can change currencies) and then in "Currency backend" choose - Waterhole.io

I am mining to my trezor account as we speak.

Have fun :slight_smile:

I asked for ETH aswell.

With the latest firmware update (1.4.0), we added initial support for Ethereum, but this feature is not provided by our myTREZOR web wallet. It's up to developers of Ethereum wallets to add direct support for TREZOR. We are currently cooperating with Mist developers on the TREZOR integration, however, we do not have any ETA yet.

any update on this ETH integration? thanks!