Coin control for Hardware wallets

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Noob here.
Is there any wallet that supports t-addr coin control and can be used with Trezor Model T? Looking for something like Electrum for Bitcoin.

Also is there any plans to implement z-addr support for Trezor Model T? New sapling update only needs 40mb of RAM for z-addr txs right? How much does Model T has? Is it even possible?

Hey there…I am looking for the same thing. Did you ever find a solution?
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Hi @jer979, welcome to the forums. The Trezor model T does currently support T addresses, and the ECC is working with hardware wallet manufacturers to add Z-address support.

Despite the advances in Z-address tech (memory/proving time in Sapling) one of the hurdles has been the need for wallets to “scan” the chain for incoming TXs. With the new lite client protocol (as seen in ZecWallet) I hope to see hardware wallets adopting Z-addresses in 2020 :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the message. I’m sorry if my question was not clear.

I was wondering if, on a trezor hardware wallet where I have used different addresses for each transaction, may I subsequently make a send from a specific address or have all of the coins already been bundled together?

This may help you answer your question: (I believe T-addresess are “Bitcoin like” behavior in the Trezor)

Very helpful, thanks.

Sorry for all the novice questions.

So, just to confirm, when I send zcash from a trezor wallet, there is a new address listed on chain as the sender?

Or am I misunderstanding?

Also, I understand that this may be better suited for the trezor team, but figured it could not hurt to ask

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Think you’re misunderstanding. You’ll generate an address with the Trezor that will show up on the blockchain when you receive zec. And then again when you send it.

Trezor will manage your change addresses so that you don’t reuse one.

Edit: Test out a couple small amount transactions and take a look what shows up in an explorer!

So, if Alice send Bob some ZEC, when Bob sends it back to Alice, it will come from a different address than the one to which Alice sent originally?

Sorry for all the questions!

Yes, think about it this way, all coins are always on the Blockchain, they never leave. The only thing that changes is who controls the address that the coins are sitting at.

On your Ledger is several addresses that you used to receive the ZEC. It’s already recorded on the Blockchain and since you control the Ledger, they are your coins.

When you send ZEC to a friend they will provide you with thier address and a notation (transaction) will be made on the Blockchain that X coins have been subtracted from the address you control and added to the address that your friend controls.

Now if you really want to get into the weeds we can start talking about how Zcashs (private) Z addresses are different than the T ones you are using on your Ledger. Much longer conversation :grin:

This depends on the software used to send the funds back to Alice and if Bob has made transactions since receiving the payment from Alice.

I really want to get into that conversation. Really.
can t-‘s become z’-s in any way?

Absolutely, however the wallet has to support Z-addresses. It’s as simple as:

  1. Receive ZEC to wallet that does both kinds of transactions (either send ZEC to the wallet or import the keys)
  2. Create a Z-address
  3. Send from the T address to the Z address.

Now from that point on your funds are private and cannot be tracked back to the chain of transactions (T addresses) that originally sent the funds the Z address. And the cool thing is holding funds in a Z address let’s you send to both T and Z addresses privately.

ZecWallet supports both T and Z, and is a good place to start getting familiar with using shielded transactions:

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Nice. Let me dig in. Thanks so much for this.

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My suggestion would be to start small, try a few zatoshi and see how it goes and feel free to ask if you have any questions :blush:

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What I really want to understand is how to safely, quickly, and cost-effectively take t-addr ZEC on a Trezor and move it to an equally secure Z-addr. Looks like I need a dedicated ZEC wallet for that

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depending on your time preference you could continue to store your ZEC on a Trezor & wait for zaddress support from them & use that interface to do a z-to-t tx or you could download ZECwallet, sync that + backup phrase, & then send your transparent address ZEC from your trezor to a ZECwallet taddress & next into a shielded zaddress in that same wallet/interface

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Just a note.

There is no “equally secure Z-addr” like Trezor.

A solution for Ledger is in the works but nothing is available as of today.

Zecwallet Lite is a z-address first wallet for desktop and mobile but does not have the security properties of a hardware device.


really helpful. Thank you.

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By the way, I checked something … The same Seed-phrase gives the same address both on Trezor (without using a control word) and on any version of ZECwallet. This might be helpful.