Tripping breakers while mining

Hey everyone,

Got an odd issue here. Added 2 new cards to my setup last night and I started blowing breakers. It takes awhile though. I got a good 3 hours last night before it tripped. Then a good 9 hours before it tripped again. It’s a 15 amp circuit that is feeding 3 different systems. One is pulling 400W at the wall, one is pulling 375 and the other I’d suspect is 250 (power meter broke today but its a 7970 with no OC). I’ve got a 50w fan thats always running in the other room and an alarm clock but nothing else is on the breaker

So far I’ve tried to remove the 250~ system, breaker went again. I’ve removed the 375 system and its on another circuit now. Testing to see if I’ll cause it to trip with just the one system running. It doesn’t make sense to me but its a brand new 750W PSU running 2 1080TIs at 75% TDP +150 core +300 mem and pulling around 400w so lots of overhead.

One thing is I am in a new house. The builder mentioned that we should replace the breakers in the house as the new ones they had to use are very very finnicky. They’re Homeline CHOM if that means anything.

Have you tried to replace the breaker? I would talk to an electrician. I though that a 15amp was good for around 1400 watts. I am not an electrician so i’m just guessing.

On my existing systems, when the room gets a tad warm, 15C all the fans spin up on all the units, that will usually cause me issues on at least one line.

Generally I allow 20% on each PSU, and another 10% on the line itself.
400+375+250 * 1.3 = 1,332.5 which is close to the 1400, if you have finicky breakers…

Now your electrician might be able to make that a 20, depending on what they used in the walls for wire.

if you’re USA imagine it’s 120. 12 gauge is pretty standard for receptacles in US. if you have 12 gauge wire in the circuit, could try replacing 15 amp with new 20 amp breaker.

@kek Not a bad idea, I’ll have to check the gauge. Being a new house I’d home they’d use higher gauge. We’re Canadian and on 110.

@darkrider Not tried replacing it yet. Seeing if moving my rigs to a different circuit helps. I’ve got maybe 650 of draw on it right now. Only had the one rig in this room as I’m adding cards to it as they come in. I def am respecting the 80% rule, last thing I need is a fire!

my rig is in an odd location because of the plug for the single 30 amp breaker in my apartment