Swapping 110v outlets to 240v?

So I currently have a few dozen rigs running that are taking about 8amps each from wall on 110v outlets. If I have everything changes to 240v outlets and my electrician swap it all… would that mean I can run more rigs since more efficiency means less amps from each rig than on a 110v? I am a little confused what people are doing? Getting a 240v plug for the power supply’s and plugging directly into wall or what?

don’t think it has much to do with efficiency. 240 can handle a larger load than 110 (more miners per circuit).

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Power is Volts * Amps

SO 120Volts * 15amps = 1800 watts
240 volts * 15 amps = 3600 watts

However, you cant just swap breakers and plugs - I’m pretty sure your wiring will need to be upgraded as well. Otherwise, pulling 3600 watts through the 120 volts would be the same as a 30 amp breaker, and that requires 10 gauge I think instead of 14 gauge wire