I though we could have the conversation here rather than in the other thread.

What about enforced turnstiling is a good idea in your opinion? I dislike the idea because of the way it was presented. Yes it does audit the supply - which is potentially useful. but if the supply doesnt add up the person who turnstiles last loses. no matter if their coins were legitimately generated or not.

dont get me wrong, turnstiling was needed due to the toxic waste bug. I cannot see another way to check the shield pool - which is a good thing. it shows the resilience of the zcash maths.

I am not trying to convince you of anything I would like to hear your thoughts.

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I’m fine with it, auditing value as it moves between pools is reasonable and increases confidence in supply.

Money is simply an “expression of confidence” so anything that enhances that is a “good thing”, but that’s just my humble opinion.


Thanks for opening up the discussion here. I’m glad to share my thoughts:

I adopted the term “enforced turnstile migration” after a debate with Justin E. Although the term is unpalatable, I believe it is an accurate way to describe what happened when sprout deprecation was announced and the funds in the sprout shielded pool were forced to migrate over into the sapling shielded pool, passing through a transparent pool before arriving, of course.

I believe that turnstile was going to be implemented, anyways, but inflation bug escalated the priority (hmm… where did i read that?)

In the event of an enforced turnstile migration, I understand that there is a risk of losing funds that may rightfully belong to you should you be unable to pass through the turnstile before enough fake coins pass to achieve the supply limit.

Nevertheless, I believe investors/hodlers will appreciate the fact that the limited supply can be enforced. The alternative is unacceptable for a store of value, right?

Hodlers keen on avoiding the risk of loss due to enforced turnstile migration may take extra precautions to ensure that they reserve their place in the turnstile line. Perhaps a market for that may develop…

Super-keen hodlers may store their funds in a transparent pool (after z2z’ing, of course) and avoid the problem altogether…

For those reasons, I still support t-addresses. They are a blessing in disguise :slight_smile:

Please correct me if I am mistaken in anyway shape or form

Thank you, in advance, and thanks, again

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Shielded amounts.
Uncensorable txs.
Auditable supply.

Pick at most 2 …
(turnstyles censor txs)


Okay, the ticketing system may not work because the enemy attacker with a zillion zec may have a ticket in line, too. Oops.

I think you can shield a transparent address by entering and exiting it via zaddr.

Eureka! Shielded, uncensorable AND auditable supply.

(in this case, I am calling to audit the zec, therefore we consolidate our notes z2z inside protection of shielded pool and migrate them through the transparent control wallet(s) and back into the next shielded pool replyto: zaddr(s) found in the memo fields)

Knowing this will occur may introduce timing attacks? I don’t want to believe “pick 2 at most”

Think its all a non-issue, 115129 ZEC in the sprout pool & its going down very very slowly - not exactly a rush.


In the famous words of one Inigo Montoya, “I do not think it means what you think it means”

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