Automatic Sapling Turnstile Migration

zec-qt-wallet can now do one-click Sprout -> Sapling turnstile migration in a privacy-preserving way. Please try it out on Testnet and let me know how it goes :slight_smile: I’m planning on releasing this for mainnet later this week.

What the turnstile migration does:

  • Creates new t-Addresses in your wallet to move funds from Sprout -> t-Address -> Sapling.
  • Splits the funds across multiple t-Addresses over multiple blocks
  • Uses round numbers to obscure any identifying information.

On Testnet, the migration happens quicker (over 6-20 blocks), but on mainnet it’ll probably be spread out over more days.

This looks like a really nice tool. Can anyone from Zcash Company verify the method used is indeed “Privacy Preserving” ? cc @str4d @daira

What is the likely hood that the method can be reverse engineered to de-anonamize the mixing/splitting sequence?


Quick update: Fully automatic Sapling Turnstile migration is now available on zec-qt-wallet (on mainnet as well)