2 Strix 1080 ti's for sale

Up for sale are 2 new Asus Strix 1080 Ti’s (11G-GAMING).
I purchased them from shopblt.com on 5/10/18 for $949.57ea I am asking $650.00ea…
They are in immaculate condition they have never been installed into a pc or mined on at all…
They have original boxes, anti static bags & Pcie covers on them…
Buyer is responsible for shipping and paypal fees…
Thank you :smiley:

You purchased them in may 2018, opened the box, never used them, and going to take a $300.00 hit on each…

just my opinion but nothing says brand new like two different factory seals broken.

so what are you saying i should just give them away? or sell them for next to nothing… i bought 88 cars with the intent to build a mining farm… zcash went asic so instead of mining on them and depreciating the value even more i let them sit now im only asking to sell two and everywhere i post these things i just get an attitude from anyone who comments… and if they have NEVER been powered on how are they not brand new?

@Hannibal Don’t listen to the negative people on here, your offer is a great deal for brand new Strix 1080ti’s. If I was still in the market for GPU’s, I would definitely consider this. Sure, you won’t reach ROI mining ZEC with these cards, but they’re great for gaming rigs and workstations!

@vgm Thank you for your kind words… I didn’t think pricing them at $650ea was ripping anyone off on here i felt that was a fair price for cards that haven’t been powered on or mined a single thing in their lives… I dealt with extreme negativity when i posted them in the r/hardwareswap subreddit… I have more then this to sell but it seems as if no one wants to buy gpu’s anymore…

There is no attitude here, not attacking you, just a very strange thing. $650.00 for each is a very fair and current market price. It just very strange that someone would take a $300.00 hit per GPU and over all (if you sell them all for that price) at $26,400.00 loss.
You yourself said wherever you post this someone says something negative, this is why.

Not Brand new, Let me explain - Each gpu has two seals. The first seal is the factory shrink wrap. Okay no problem, you can open that BECAUSE the GPU itself is in an anti- static bag with ANOTHER factory seal on it. When you open this seal, the item is NO LONGER brand new. You can say open box never been used; but again you can not say brand new product.

If you purchased 88 GPU’s and opened both seals on every single one of them and then did nothing with them, I find that very strange. if the previous sentence is true then you have, IMO, no credibility that these have never been used.

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Ok i do understand your point here… The only reason i opened the bags were to show the condition of the cards themselves nothing more than that… And as for the other cards i have i know it is only my word that says they have never been used i get that… but i figured it would be best to just let them sit than to mine because i was unsure of how much mining depreciates the value of a GPU

You can show the condition of the card by taking a picture of the GPU still inside the anti-static bag with its seal intact. Or that the shrink wrap is still on the original box. Either one (AND BOTH) tell the buyer “Brand New”

Good luck!