Unfair Distribution To Miners?

No Pre-Mine but on Reddit I read that 10-20% of each block (to a certain #?) will be going to private investors? Is this true? If true, would it not have made it more fair to those of Us which are going to mine Zcash to have just participated in a crowdsale?

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Wouldn’t a crowdsale have necessitated a pre-mine?

Yes. Of course it would. I’m not sure the original poster knows how crowdsales in crypto work.

I really do not. Okay. I guess the question I’m trying to ask.
If there is an unfair distribution as stated early, which I don not know as fact, would it not be fair to the miners to have not mined and initially purchased via maybe an i.c.o. or any distribution channel thereby cutting out the necessity of mining. Basically, the unfaieness of mining and the investors receiving the first 10-20% off the top with Us doing all the work seems quite strange. I didn’t make a deal with the investor. The devs did.

If the reward offered isn’t worth it to you then don’t mine.

On the topic of mining, do you know what role it plays in a crypto currency network?

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Thanks for the smartass answer smartass