Is there a Z-Cash Airdrop?

Hi devs,
I’m pretty excited about the truly anonymous Z-Cash. I have a bunch of questions to ask.

  1. Is there a Z-Cash Airdrop, so early adopters could get them?
    2.On which exchanges, Z-Cash will be released?
    3.Can we have mining guides and other useful resources?
    4.What will be the launch price of Z-Cash?

Pretty excited.Looking forward to hear from you guys.

I hope it is mineable and there is no presale, but that is just me. fair coins would be nice every once in awhile

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Airdrop would be really helpful for the initial part of the Coin’s release as it would propel the launch faster,so more people can experience the power of Z-Cash.

maybe. maybe not. but if it is an airdrop how do you ensure everyone gets their fair share?

The first X number (5000-1000) of people signup, gets an equal share of Y amount of coins(500000-1000000)

I’ve come to the conclusion that coin distribution is pretty much the same problem as stock valuation. You try to anticipate the worth of the cryptocurrency (stock) then put it out on the open market (stock exchange) at that value. If you undervalued the coin then it will fall in value, and vice versa.
That would mean 100% premine and potentially the creators would become stupendously wealthy, but I can’t think of any mechanism that is more just than that. Everyone has a chance to buy, and everyone pays the competitive price.
If we apply that analogy to distribution by mining, what sense does it make to award stock to some arbitrary participant? For example, awarding McDonald’s stock to construction companies every time they build a McDonalds. That’s not dissimilar to how Bitcoin was distributed.
At the end of the day, there is no magical way to distribute coins evenly among some arbitrary number of people in the world.

Zcash has been in the works for some time now so I expect that developers already have a solid direction not only on distribution but in the entire project in general as it will be competing with and improving on Bitcoin and it’s limitations and weaknesses… In my view it is probably not a good thing to classify or pigeon-hole Zcash as just another altcoin!!

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I have no doubt this has been on their radar. I’m pretty excited for this cryptocurrency, not just because it has the cool almost magical zero knowledge stuff, but hopefully it will give Bitcoin Core some impetus to get anonymity built into their system as well. (Confidential Transactions)

Confidential transactions are only part of the story. Hiding value really helps protect your privacy in some ways, but doesn’t help in other more important ways. Zooko wrote an article about it.

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Hey folks, I wrote a blog post about this: Funding, Incentives, and Governance - Electric Coin Company

Please let me know what you think! A future blog post will be about mining. I really want mining to be available to anyone.