Uninstall / reinstall zcash client?

Can someone explain how to remove the Linux client and then install again? On Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit.

depends on how you installed it…did you build it from source or use pre-built binaries?
and are you doing this to upgrade to the newest release, or because you’re having issues with it?

Thanks Radix. I was having issues backing up/restoring the wallet so I thought to reinstall with latest release to see if this resolves. I am installing from binaries.

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You can always, as long as zcashd is stopped!, make a backup of the wallet.dat file itself in the ~/.zcash/ directory.

The backup seemed to work but the restored wallet doesn’t, or at least the
installation no longer works after the wallet is restored.

what was the exact sequence of steps you took?

I stopped zcashd. I ran the backup. I then deleted the wallet.dat file. I then ran the client because I wanted to verify it wouldn’t work properly and that the wallet file was no longer “seen” by the client, which I did. I suspect that may have hosed something because subsequently stopping zcashd and moving the backup wallet to the zcash installation folder and renaming to wallet.dat, then restarting zcashd still results in the aforementioned issues.

First of all, make sure you keep a backup copy outside the data directory. Secondly, try starting zcashd with -reindex.

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