When reinstall zcash4win i lost my zcash HELP!

When reinstall zcash4win i lost my zcash HELP!!! When i start zcash4win its star with error 1, then i reinstall zcash4win and no zcash on it. in old zcash4win was ~ 0.33 zec. How to bring it back? Please HELP ! ! ! !

Did you backup your old wallet before you installed the new one?

no, i dont know how to do it, and nowhere to wrote that i need to do backup.

Zcash4win is a full node, how exactly did you uninstall the old zcash4win? Is there a chance the old files are still in your trash folder?

windows uninstaller, i tried to do backup windows nothing helps me. no files in trash folder(

you need to sync the block chain in the command line, see this post:


You have to type in exactly this:

cd "c:\Program Files\zcash4win\app\"

The reason why you can’t find zcashd is because there’s a space in “Program Files” so you need to use quotation marks.


it seems that zcash4win sinhronized with blockchain himself, some zcash bring back on my walet)


Thanx to everyone all coins back)

Yeah same kind of issue too (Crash since 2018-01-20 : pcoinsTip->GetAnchorAt(pcoinsTip->GetBestAnchor(), oldTree) · Issue #44 · radix42/zcash4mac · GitHub). Zcash4win run an outdated version of zcashd and the UI est full bugged and lack of functionalities. If you can, run directly the official zcashd (Linux only - use a VM) an use the zcash-cli xD