Unknown address with a balance in zcash4win

I just realized that I have more zcash in my zcash4win wallet than I suspected. It’s only 0.11ZEC, but I don’t know where they come from. I have never generated another address that I know of. Looking at the overview tab, the transaction isn’t listed either.

When I try to send the amount from this “unknown” address to my main address, I get an error saying “An unexpected error occured when sending cash! Please ensure that the ZCash daemon is running and parameters are correct…”

I don’t know if this error is related to the weird address or a separate issue. I have done another backup of the wallet and private keys now, in case I need to reinstall. Now, the only thing I could think of is that I transferred 10ZEC to an exchange the same day that the transaction supposedly took place.

Here is the transaction ID for the 10ZEC i transferred, and in “outputs” it shows the new address with 0,11ZEC in addition to the 10ZEC: Transactions - Zchain

EDIT: The full 10ZEC was completely transferred to the exchange, and the overview tab of Zcash4win shows that only 10ZEC has left my wallet.

I’m not sure why this is the case but it is most likely because of that transaction. I asked about it a while back here but no one answered… hopefully someone can explain.

I had to reinstall Zcash4win, and then the transaction between my addresses was approved. So I got everything back on one address now.

The weird thing, though, is that I can’t explain where the 0.11ZEC came from. My Zcash4win overview only show 10ZEC outgoing on that specific date (which matches with the amount deposited on the exchange). There is no sign of the 0.11ZEC entering my wallet at any time. No further outgoing or incoming transaction is listed on that date in my wallet overview, either. But I got my funds consolidated to one address, so it got sorted out somehow.

Perhaps it was “change”?

I thought so too at first. But then I’d expect that the change would be subtracted from the 10ZEC i transferred to the exchange. But the whole amount arrived.

One possibility would be that the system initially transferred (for an unkown reason) more than I had told it to and automatically refunded the surplus back to the same wallet (but to a different address). But such a transaction should be visible in the wallet transaction history, right? If it’s not done «under the hood» by the network, that is.

I’ve actually found random amounts a few times in secondary wallets with no clue what-so-ever where the funds came from. I suspect it’s just change.

But I could be entirely wrong.