Unstoppable wallet adds support for transparent addresses

Hi Zcashers,

Unstoppable wallet team is here. We are happy to announce that Unstoppable wallet v0.23 finally brings support for sending Zcash to transparent addresses. As a result, Unstoppable wallet now supports:

  • sending payments to both shielded and transparent addresses.
  • receiving payments from both shielded/transparent addresses.

Note: Unstoppable users are only able to create only shielded wallets (with shielded receive addresses) at this point. We are contemplating adding capability for the receiver (on Unstoppable) to choose between transparent/shielded addresses but not sure about it just yet… We are in communication with Zcash team about this as well.

At the same time, some users reported slow network sync times. To address that we have added synchronization status helping users visualize synchronization progress. Some further improvements are planned for this in the coming releases.

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to check out latest version of Unstoppable and let us know if you encounter any issues.