Updated schedule for 1.0.11 release

A quick update to share that we plan on having a 1.0.11 release candidate this Thursday (July 27) for testing on Thursday and Friday. The 1.0.11 release is scheduled for next Monday, July 31st.

If anything changes with this schedule, we’ll post an update here.



Any news about what the update will be about?


You can track the 1.0.11 release tickets and PRs here: https://github.com/zcash/zcash/projects/16

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I hope that’s really July 31st. :wink:

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Oh geez. Fixed it. Thanks. :blush:

I’ll see about getting an RC out for windows, too, as soon as its out, and see if we can’t get some users to bang on that over the weekend

The plan for 1.0.11 we discussed today was to publish the release candidate today, then the final release on Monday, 2017-08-07. We are very likely to push out the 1.0.12 release also to ensure we have enough time to do that well.

Sorry for the slippage, folks!


We’ve postponed the release yet again. Today we hope to have v1.0.11-rc1 out, and if so and our test plan succeeds, we’ll release v1.0.11 on Monday, 2017-08-14.


Shucks I looked forward to the update, but you can’t rush perfection! Hope to see it next week.

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I’d rather see a good update rather than a rushed one with bugs, so take your time, you are doing a great job.