Updating to 1.0.15 using Update Manager in Linux Mint?


I would like to ask for advice on updating to 1.0.15, I’m on Linux Mint and found zcash 1.0.15 in the update manager. I checked the zcash blog and found the news about 1.0.15.

I like to ask if I can update zcash using the update manager in Linux Mint? do i need to do anything before the update?


I’ve had zcash update along with other installed software before during automatically scheduled updates. If you’ve already gone through the Debian binary package install process before, the only part of it you need to do to trigger an update to a specific new version is ‘sudo apt-get install zcash’ Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub

re: Your question, yes, you can use the update manager. This isn’t necessary but I like to stop zcashd if it’s running before doing such an update. Also, before an update and while zcashd isn’t running, it is also a good time to create a backup of the .zcash folder and all its contents if you’re in that particular habit.

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Thank you Voluntary, I went and updated through the update manager, everything seems to be working fine.

Thank you!