Using GTX TITAN X 12GB in mining

hi, guys, I want use GTX TITAN X 12GB for mining Zcash so I want know the Hashrate and how many sol/sec this card have???

depends witch version it is. if it’s this version
you could say it’s more or less the same as a gtx 1080 if it’s the newest then the gtx 1080 ti

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No bro i want ues PNY VCGGTXTITANXXPB-CG for sale online | eBay
this one

well if I take a look here:
then you will see that the 1080 has a higher score. so I think it lower then a 1080

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thank you too much for help
I will use 1080 TI

It’s similar to a 1070 in gaming and consume more power