UX Tradeoffs for shielded transactions

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in how to build trustful UIs, so users can come to rely and depend on Zcash. I wrote up some of the tradeoffs I’m making with zcash-qt-wallet, and I’d love to hear more feedback from people :slight_smile:

If Zcash has to gain worldwide adoption, we need to invest some attention into making users comfortable with using a private currency. This is a UX challenge that researchers haven’t paid a lot of attention to in the past, so it’ll be fun to explore this topic more.


…spelling mistake in the last paragraph… ‘recieve’ :wink:

Its an interesting point & folks will have their preference, maybe just add some text to make it clear what the default zcashd behaviour is?

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Thanks for the feedback! User education is always challenging, and I’ve experimented with adding various help texts everywhere. Adding it directly in the UI sometimes clutters things and people don’t take notice, so I’ve biased towards adding it in help docs, articles and such in the past.

Although I suspect your average zcash user is very well informed. From the user’s perspective, getting the UI to “do exactly what I expect it will do” is the ultimate goal, the tricky part is anticipating what “I expect it will do” :slight_smile:

Fixed the spelling.

Always a struggle getting users to read the docs

How about a ‘Purge’ button that removes all the extra detail & switches back to default behaviour? Just a thought.

(Edit: Might also be an idea if all the extra detail provided by your wallet is shown in a different colour? Makes it clearer to the user what will be deleted plus easier to refer to in the docs - ie: ‘everything in red’)

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