Verify Zcash Community Forum as a Brave Creator

A simple search bar tool in Brave Browser gives the user complete control over their privacy and meta data. I recommend everyone check out brave browser, its based on chrome and is way faster depending how much code and script is disabled by the user.

My Referral Link :

As we blog it would curate BAT tokens for the domain management here @ Zcash Community.

Front End for Brave Creators :

I have been enjoying the browser a lot so far, only issue encountered is audio/video codec issues on prime video, that wont play 60Hz or high HD frame rates.


Can you explain exactly how this works?


See if this explains it in enough detail:

By the way, I’m a huge Brave fan. I use it as my primary web browser, and I serve as an advisor to the company:


I don’t see a downside unless this would make things complicated for Antonie. The next step would be talking to her about how to integrate accepting the funds into her general ZF finance workflows.

It could be neat to save the funds and then use them for a community-led project organized here on the forum :thinking:


thanks i was trying to find a verified source and yeah what a great place to start. that is where my journey began.

also Brave would probably enjoy the support from other crypto developers. seems like a very healthy multilevel marketing opportunity to me.

I can vouch that I did this for my webpage within 1 evening and it was casual on the time requirements. Basically you just need to update 1 piece of info in the DNS settings for your site, which is the only concern in regards to privacy i can see.

Basic Attention Tokens, litterally describe themselves. Very useful form of cybercoin that is distributed based on the attention users spend on individual domains. The user can disable rewards for any website they choose so they dont contribute BAT tokens to domains they dont like if visiting by mistake. LiveLeak is a website I use for viral videos but I removed it from the BAT rewards system with a simple opt out option because i dont feel the site has a very high intellectual value.

Thanks @PhusionPhil I understand how BAT works, I was just fuzzy about what you meant by earning BAT for this website, it sounded like you had something already set up.

Technically it would be pretty easy to set up (website verification is pretty straightforward, not sure about sub-domains ) but to whom the BAT goes to, and how it’s used is the other question. I will contact Antonie as Sonya suggested to see about getting it set up.


the forum can make money for itself by posting interesting content?


I was just thinking of this same thing @kek

We could potentially set it up to receive BAT from visitors using Brave, then have the forum users vote where to spend it when it reaches a set amount.

It could be cool to use the funds to support projects on the Zfoundation grants platform for example.


Yes, the more time a user spends on or any of its extensions like would increase the amount of BAT tokens paid to the creators pools. I am still learning about the precise rewards factors myself by some trial and error I am performing on my own domains.

I am spending equal time on my own page as I do common pages I browse to compare payouts and gauge if there is any sort of centralization to the rewards system beyond the referral bonuses.

There is also a first party advertising program called Brave Ads and it seems to increase my payout substantially so it is a concern how much centralization could happen to the BAT token if it turns out like Ad Sense.


I’ve got set up to receive BAT from visitors using Brave. Any little bits that come in I’ll convert to ZEC and throw at ZF Grants.


Good news in regards to ad revenue for BAT just came today.

I might have gotten a brave add today when visiting the ECC’s blog on my phone. Is the ECC’s website already set up for brave adds?

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It is a user opt in ad service. after the domain is registered as a brave producer/creator/publisher it would just get a share of ad revenue if the user had opted in.

The publisher and the user visiting the site via brave browser both split the ad revenue 30/70 (domain/visitor).

Read more on the link I posted above.

I realize that, just let the forum know I have experienced this and hopefully contributed some bat to the foundation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To know if a particular site is set up / verified to receive BAT, open Brave browser, go to the website you want to check, and then click on the triangle icon to the right of the URL.

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OK, “not yet verified.” Must have unrelated. :neutral_face:

thats why i made this thread to bring it to everyones attentions as funding has been a hot topic lately.

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@PhusionPhil I realized that we never closed the loop on this thread: Right now, Brave would be more internal accounting hassle (read: ZF employee time) than it’s worth. If that changes, we’re still open to it, but the question is tabled indefinitely.