Zcash, Brave, Filecoin Partnership & Development Thread

This thread will serve as a central point for forum discussions, speculations, and progress updates from the Electric Coin Company; regarding the announced partnership to integrate Zcash and Filecoin features into the Brave Browser ecosystem.

As far as we know today, there are no details about exactly what or when the deliverables for this effort will ship (presumably, via a Brave browser upgrade or extension).


Good Project!

I believe brave extensions must be approved by Google App Store?

“The judge and an appeals court both determined Apple should allow apps to provide links to other payment options, a change that could undermine the up to 30 per cent commission that both Apple and Google collect on digital purchases made within a mobile app”

It could be really helpful for whoever in ECC is driving this project please stand up. Would be interested in understanding the required infrastructure to service the brave wallet zec services?