Wallet on same machine that mines... Good idea?

I have repurpose an old gaming computer to mine with six GPUs. The machine had an eight core AMD processor. I’m running a bunch of different wallet software on an old quad core Intel chip and it’s really struggling, generally high CPU usage and the max ram is 8 GB so overall not working too well

I was wondering if it’s a good idea to run wallets and mining on the same machine. Does anybody have any input?

I wouldn’t​ say it’s too dangerous, but make sure you keep a backup of your wallet/keys on another PC or USB offline so in case of hardware failure you won’t lose your ZEC.

I don’t keep anything of real importance on my mining rig because mining stresses your hardware increasing the likely hood of failure of some component.

what shawn said and do not leave your wallet open while mining, you will take a performance hit