Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

Well, the logic should not be open source = trust. Then MS and google should open source..

If miners consistently see less income, they will left. Do you think those farms having thousands of rigs just switched us from flypool will be staying if they get less? Market will regulate.

That's pretty paradox topics...

I am just wondering whether all pools should open source. Then if a pool open source, how can we prove the production code is the same as the open source one without any payment modifications/tricks..

The logic is open source = verify. No need to trust. In p2p you can't trust. You are correct. P2pool would be a better solution so clients can verify.

I also agree that we are not there yet and centralized solutions will have to do for now. Just a bit of a shame that none of the funds collected here will go towards supporting p2p software like bitcoin.

But who is to say that decentralized protocols will ever actually work. We are swimming in a sea of impossibility theories and maybe centralized trust is the only way. best of luck with your pool!

Oh this is some misleading about the estimate pending value, he got normal payout at last. I was sorry for misleading him. :slight_smile:

The miners really get more payout than some other pools with same hash rate, so they choose to stay here. :slight_smile: .

I agree with you that open source=verify , but also unsafe. We would to make the miners to gain more coins together safely.

We are still a small pool now , but we will do our best. Welcome to test.

Any questions? You can post here or download our coin app "waterhole" to communicate with us and other people.

Welcome to join us!!
download : https://waterhole.io
bbs: https://waterhole.io/forum
zblockchain: https://waterhole.io/zcash
pool: https://waterhole.io/pool/zec

For the past 25 minutes Iā€™m seeing this screen loading and loading

Try to fresh it again

since yesterday i'm seeing this screen no update

What about now ? https://waterhole.io/pool/zec

might be browser cache. cannot reproduce:sweat:

what to do? Help me please

Could you clear your browser cache , then try to refresh the websit......

looks like the pool is back to normal. don't know how much longer zec with be profitable. will mine here until it is not anymore.

Thank you so much for your supporting......

Problem solved
Its awesome mining here

Thank you for your supporting and using our social app .

Hi, I am a small fish miner..
Getting around 1200 sol/s .
I just shifted to your pool from flypool today.
I wanted to know more about the payouts..
When do you send the payouts ?

Three times a day. You can find it on our website https://waterhole.io/pool/zec Welcome and thank you for your supporting.

Three times a day. You can find it on our website https://waterhole.io/pool/zec Welcome and thank you for your supporting.......!!