Waterhole Marketplace Bring in Zcash Escrow Trading and GUI Mobile Wallet

Sure, though whenever anyone tells me to trust them in a distributed anonymous ecosystem it makes me want to put a nail gun to my head.

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Thanks for your words. We are pleased zcash official team slate us on the 3rd party list:


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Added deposit peding progress

OTC trading available in-app. No escrow fee until 12/31/2016

So it means I can trade ZEC in your APP for FREE???

That sounds nice!

Sure you can. Welcome to try OTC private trading feature.

The ZEC wallet on this app is pretty good, keep trying other features...

1.1.7 on Android updated. Fixed some bugs.


Android 1.1.8
IOS 1.1.5

Nice work guys, the app seems work fine and functional

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Thanks for your help!

Welcome and thank you !!

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We will send some red packet (free coins) in our app in the Chinese new year holiday. Stay tuned! Thanks.

I love this red packet feature, please send more :zcash:

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Just sent another zec red pack.

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@waterhole there is payment made for me from jaxx wallet and it confirmed till now with 20+ and i checked in zchain explorer
and i didnt get the payment till now in my wallet?!

what is going on

The best alternative wallet I’ve used is Trezor’s web interface for their hardware wallet.

it fixed thnx @waterhole