Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

Three times a day. You can find it on our website https://waterhole.io/pool/zec Welcome and thank you for your supporting…!!

Payout for latest 8 hours

Get a very lucky result today :sunglasses:

last 8 hours pay

how do I see my worker stats? Is there any real time stats?

Hello everybody,

I’m ucwong, you can find me in our app by this ID

If you are mining or want to mine ZCASH in “waterhole pool”, You can also install our social market app. More convenient and safe for you!


Welcome to join us!!
download : https://waterhole.io
bbs: https://waterhole.io/forum
zblockchain: https://waterhole.io/zcash
pool: https://waterhole.io/pool/zec

We already have a hundreds of people groups , all the people are interested in COINS !You can do anything you want there.

search your address , yes 1-2mins later

my hash rate is much lower on your pool compared to other pools. with yours i only get 600 sol/s reading from your site although the miner says 1000+ and other sites show what the miner says.

for var diff, keep mining for longer time it will be at a stable rate.

Got it. Thanks! I’m definitely earning more from your pool. sonfar so good.

Thank you for supporting us!

Hi, how long have you been mining on our pool? Normally the 8 hours average is pretty accurate once you mine more than 8 hours.You can see other people’s rig HS speed vary a lot as well, but 8 hours average wont’t be too much different. Thanks.

Hi , I have been having some problems with the payout.
My estimated earning for let’s say x time shows 0.22 zec and my reported earnings after x + 2 hours shows 0.2 zec… how is that possible ?

For est pending value includes some unconfirmed blocks , the rest coin will be paid on next payout moment. So take it easy. Thank your for your questions and support

What happened to the third payout 12/8 ? looks like it did not go out and my counters rest as if it did… issues?

Will pay a little later. :slight_smile:

Admins. After 8hours of mining i got like 0.1.We did hit 3 blocks in that timeframe but they were unconfirmed. My est pending was 0.23. But just before payout it went to 0.1… why?

The est. pending is calculated based on prior block found speed, yesterday there was very good result, but today we had some network problems, so the est pending dropped when coming to actual payment. The good news is we fixed the issue, you can see a server reboot today.