What are the commands to see info in zcashd?

I got everything running, but the only way for me to see if anything is moving - is to send “getinfo” and wait for coins to come in.

Is there any way to watch more info? I cant seem to get that cool ascii screen I’ve seen around a few times. (with the heart draw and the information)

I did add showmetrics=1 to the conf file but nothing happens, do I need to call it somehow?

If you launch the client without the option -daemon you’ll see the ascii screen.
e.g. : typing ./src/zcashd will run the client in your bash. You’ll see your hashrate and the blocks mined.
You can also use getwalletinfo with the zcash-cli to see the coins you have mined.


go to your directory .zcash/testnet3 and from the command line type: tail -f debug.log


Thank you! this works.