What are the risks of creating a Wallet?

Hi, I’m thinking about creating my own Wallet based on the ECC SDK. I would like to know the risks I face when creating a cryptocurrency wallet, even using the ECC SDK. Is there an anonymous way to create a wallet without anyone knowing that I created it, like Bitcoin where no one knows who the author of the project is?

What are the risks of creating a Wallet?

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I don’t think this is related to Zcash or Bitcoin themselves. You’ll need to take the necessary steps to mantain anonymity, e.g. create pseudonymous accounts on services to host the code and binaries for the wallet, use e.g. Tor to access them so they can’t link you to your identity, etc.

The other risks are failing to make the wallet secure, e.g. maybe it connects without encryption to lightwalletd, maybe it has a security breach that create a vector to steal the seed or private keys; there are dozens of ways things could go wrong.