First Rig,what GPU should i get?

Alright, so im new to this and im about to build my first rig, i have somewhere in between 4.-7k to use depending on the ROI.
My plan is to use NVIDIA because i heard its the best for zcash (any links to good price NVIDIA?),
can i dual my rig so i can mine Zcash for a week, than change and mine Monero aswell?
Or would it be better lets say to put 3 cpu nvidia for zcash and 3 amd for monero? ( then i will get higher price buying the rest for the rigg motherboard,ssd etc).
Im thinking 6 gpu because im afraid i cant afford more because of the high price of the graphic cards.

So i would love if someone has some answers for my questions even if i did not write them well…
id like to know whats the best priced graphic cards i can get and i can compare it on a website of what profit i can expect.
I would like to mine zcash+ monero because i think that i wont earn big by my ROI of the daily market, but if one of the coins value goes very high, i hit the jackpot in either monero or Zcash.

Thanks alot for you who put time to answer my questions

I run 5 amd sky 700s at 1500watts, roi was 4 1/2 months $1200 according to fair market value
Of course if Zcash hits 65k, actual roi is 8 1/2 days!
I got the cards for $150 at the time, found some on craigslist for $350 yesterday actually

Good luck getting GPU’s now. If you do, the prices are stupid high. ZCash is where it’s at. Monero is meh…“Mehnaro”…or “Malnero”…haha!

Good luck!

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That’s true, consider the amount you would spend on a rig versus the amount of zcash or whatever cryptocurrency that would buy right now, A few days ago would have looked a little better
Edit- btw not sure of the actual power consumption, it runs 3 530 watt power supplies at 1.4 khs

do you know what 1 amd produce in sol/s?

Been thinking about 6 1060 3 gb… should look up ewbf miner.
each card gets 1600h/s?! Thats more than i tought!!

How much profit you do each month, if you dont calculate electric bills etc.

And do you think i should join a pool or just mine by myself?

Mine do 290 h/s each at 6GB, power bill increased by maybe $50 a month I just try to conserve energy everywhere else I can light bulbs heating air conditioning Etc
Edit- pool mining would be much more steady, solo mining requires luck, i think i found a block once a long time ago!

I think i missread your comment, so one rig cost u 1700 usd full build, you get 1600 H wich is at todays market 250 dollar a month, thats 7 months before you paid back the cost of building it?

I will read more into what pool to choose as it seems to be the better ROI

You’re really green…270h/s each. There’s nothing out there to do 1600h/s.

You need ~2340h/s to do 1 Zec a month.

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Could i build a rigg like you with 6 cards 1060 each that reach 1600 h/s, but i have a motherboard capable of 8 gpu… once i get more money i can add 2 new cards lets say 1070TI? Or does it work to have 1070 in 2 “slows” and the other 6 1060? Thanks for your time Phakov

Thats all compared to PAST fair market values, its difficult to determine future timespans, selling little bits here and there 4-8 month roi is pretty safe bet
Like I said if Zcash hits 65k in 5-7 years, the rig will have paid for itself many thousands of times over so dont sell it all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can add up to 8 of one type in Windows; ie 8 Nvidia or 8 AMD. You can mix them, too, but that’s advanced stuff for another time once you have some mining experience.

Alright perfect, should follow ur guide and try to buy the same equipment, start with 6 nvidia 1060 and try to get the 2 last cards a little bit of a upgrade… I will be living in Thailand when i set everything up so i hope i can get the temperature to work aswell hehe… thank you all

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Thinkn i will go for 6 1070 and 2 1060 3 gb ( have 2 of 1060 laying around) Thanks alot for helping!

I dont know if you are a “stock trader” or just a simple miner hehe but when u get ur Zcash do you hodl into them or sometimes trade sell/buy into other coins to hodl into them?

Like if you belive that Monero is the way to go, do you farm zcash and exchange to monero to save?

consider also that u need a PSU with molex conector to power riser cards …dont use Sata power conector for risers

Who cares about Monero? This is ZCash.

Even if you favorite one, and predict one.
A sucessful miner should be aware of as many crypto as possible, or why not care about the market?

rather would place my cards on bitcoin gold than on manero

Edit: actually i did mined few coins at the start :smiley:

Only 3GB will leave you unable to mine upcoming Cuckoo Cycle coins…