Can't mine on more than 2 GPUs

Hi Everyone,

Well I've been mining ZCash from almost day 1, everything went well (so far) I have 2 rigs, one with 5 GPUs and the other with only 2... We had a storm a week ago and my 5 GPUs rig isn't working properly anymore, I've tried to test removing them one by one but none seem to be working, so I've tested them in my other rig and they are actually ALL working.

Therefore I've tested my cards 2 by 2 in my firmer 5 GPUs rig (let's call him rig01) and it's working but when I add up a 3rd GPU it doesn't work anymore... After a bunch of tests it seems like it's a power issue so I've done some extensive tests on rig02 and noticed that if I add a 3rd card on rig02 it doesn't work neither :frowning:

I'm completely lost... both rigs are identical except for the number of cards of course and the the fact that rig01 uses a 2 PSUs config whereas it's a single PSU that powers rig02.

Any ideas?

For information, rig01 and rig02 are on different physical location so it is impossible that they were hit by the same 'glitch' like a power surge or something like that, especially considering that they are on two different grid (20km appart).

Many thanks in advance for any idea you might have... I'm about to give up after a week of testing :sweat:

It's power issue for sure. Give this PSU to technical guy to check the condition, probably you need to pay for the test. Also give him one GPU to test how it's work on load. In the most cases some capacitor is gone. GL

thanks for the answer... I have the feeling it might be a PSU issue as well but I think it's weird that the PSU on rig02 is still working fine (it just can't handle a load > 2 GPUS) don't you think it can be the motherboard as well?