What I am doing to try to help. can you help me or do a similar project? Corona

Hi all,

(I am so tired, I have not proof read this. you get the idea, please ask questions will tidy up tomorrow)

@elenita posted this in the update thread, I thought it would be better to reply here.

in the uk this is not illegal and we are awaiting our response to be cleared for manufacture (literally it is in the post) - we will cover the costs ourselves.

This is how I am trying to support those around me. I believe the model could translate well to other communities.

You can support me just by reading the whole post and offering advice. We (mistfpga) are not in need of financial assistance, but if this model works you could support the community by “angel” funding some local copies, especially in new York and other severely hit locations. it might save a life.

MiStFPGA is currently using all its resources to repurpose 99.9% isopropyl into 63% (allows for margin of error and 60 lets us help more people - we have been denied a govt loan to set this up because I “technically” closed mistfpga as a company a few months back in 2019, but it is still sort of part of a limited company in the UK.- this is relevant to import and supply chains, mist is licenced for all sorts of things, and we still have those.)

We have about 55ltrs in the workshop with a member who just got us two 80 gallon drum (uk gallons)

Isopropyl laws changed here recently. before you could only buy it in chemists. - now it is considered an alcohol like ethanol and you need that licence to sell it.
So we cant sell it directly. If someone has a licence to sell alcohol online in the uk that would be great. otherwise my local corner shop have offered to use their licence.

We are specifically doing this to help the vulnerable in our local society. A 100ml of 70% is 10 gbp on ebay and more on amazon! that is disgusting. 100ml bottles I was paying 35p each for 2 months ago are now 1.50 each. again, just awful. the cost in those bottles is the atomisers. - so I have a plan for this.

So I have to sell some at double manufacturing costs so I can give free ones to the care centres around me. I realise this will pretty much dox me. but at least it will be my real name and not my security stuff.

Also in the UK all isopropyl is out of stock for 4 - 6 weeks. In this time, I will be making 65% grain alcohol in case the price of iso doesn’t drop. They have similar effects.

we have the warning stickers for blind people arriving tomorrow.

  • I am trying to run an ebay gig with some of the iso at lower than competition but higher than in normal.

I will upload the costs table when I work out how to get it out of open office, so people can see the books.

We will also be providing protective gloves, a torch and if we can swing it a phone that has fm radio and 5 quid emergency credit. (hopefully provided by EE. but we will see, lots of words, very little in writing)

Due to our contacts for specialist FPGA parts and just odd bits in general, our suppliers can still access n99 masks (no I don’t believe n95 does anything. corona can become an aerosol.) ABEK carts are very helpful and should offer 100% protection when used with a P3 or P100 and near 100% with FFP3. This is why disposable 99% masks are out of stock or really expensive with long back order. N95 do help, just not with aerosols. Our suppliers are offering good prices on quantities of 5000 - rather than on 20k units. We are awaiting this pricing - but with 5 N95 masks selling for 200inc VAT - this is something else we are committed too.

Help I could do with:

  • Some basic web design. I can write the text, but that’s about it.

  • Sourcing either child safety caps, seal caps or tamper evident caps. I cant find them in the uk for anything but silly money.

  • if you have any old pill bottle lids or, really any bottle that has paper inside he cap (will post dimensions) this can save further money.

  • I would like a way to prove what I sold and did so at no profit. I think zcash would be useful for this, or a trusted 3rd party that is willing to hold the funds in escrow (please no strangers, it would have to be someone with a reputation they would want to maintain)

  • if escrow cannot be found then I will publish full audits of stock and price sold at.

  • possible weight, not funding, of a major company to claim the tax back (ECC) and maybe be able to get some help from the ZFND, I know nothing of US law.

  • if you are in the UK and might want to distribute in your area let me know. some very basic chemistry required. (not much tho) I will teach you how to do this properly and safely with no spills for free. I am not selling anything.

  • What we would like is if this becomes a success that the ECC or ZFND thinks about funding for setting up similar ventures in the USA and other countries.

This isn’t going to cost thousands to setup, but we will document the process, spreadsheets n all. (although maybe in the regulars section as well as the forum general.

We are happy to share with non profiteers. the fear cost is abhorrent.

watch bigclivedotcom’s video. (we use 1% glycerine per 100ml and been using this lots.

We also have DAC50, and it can be used in the spray. (we are exploring the chemical and legal implications of having both, rather than one of each - however that a 50ml spray is 4.99 - I paid 15gbp for a litre so I can just make sprays of each id needs be.

This post has gone on long enough and I will update after I get some feedback.

I will leave you with this from South Korea, there is hope, they have it most under control and he explains why, You Need To Listen To This Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea | STAY CURIOUS #15 - YouTube
watch out for a loss of taste and smell. why is only korea listing this very rare symptom that happens in 30% of cases including asymptomatic.

This is why everyone needs PPE! - I have a few links to some sellers for hardcore uk based equipment. if uk ppl want to get some for themselves.