What is current status of Zcash parameter generation?

Launch date is approaching soon but surprisingly I’ve seen zero information about this trust-required initialization! Entire community seems to focus on mining software without realizing the lack of transparency from Zcash company could destroy long term acceptability of this currency. You can’t just give users a pair of proving and verifying keys and tell us “these are secure ones, we all have deleted the toxic waste!”

Potential users like myself has right to demand more information about the process; like how it was conducted, parties involved in the process; hardware and software configuration used by each party; and most importantly how can average users audit and verify the outcome.

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mpc/README.md at master · zcash/mpc · GitHub :wink:

Happy to answer questions regarding my role. See also https://twitter.com/JackGavigan/status/791314312543342592

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It is disappointed to know only 6 individuals involved in the trusted setup. I expected many more than that.