Will the Total Amount of All Coins be Publicly Readable?

ZCash achilles heel is surely the trust people need to have in the initial setup: destruction of private keys. Even if the key generation involves various entities using “key shards” there is still plenty of trust involved.

@zooko said here:

Perhaps there could be a way to audit the size of the Zcash monetary base, without compromising the privacy of any users. That way, people could at least say “Well, we can’t be 100% sure that someone didn’t steal the toxic waste private key, but at least we can tell that they have not (yet) used it to counterfeit money.”.

@zooko 's comment seems to me the only certain way to prove that the system is not (yet) compromised, which would overtime increase trust in the currency.

Has there been any research / commits / posts on how to achieve this in the codebase?
Will this be implemented before launch open-source?

While some updates were promised here I could not find any which answer above questions.

I thought the same today. This would be wonderful way to establish current-term trust and and make any breach immediately known.